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Effects of a Seaside Location

There are many contributing factors that will effect the life-span of your building, damages and deterioration will inevitably occur overtime – however the location of your building can often impact the rate of this damage. For buildings with a coastal location they will have to deal with a number of different maintenance issues that a countryside or city centre located property does not. There are 3 main issues that tenants with a seaside property should always consider in order to produce a well-maintained, great looking unit.


The coastal locations across the UK are popular with tourists, especially throughout the summer. Visitors flock to the beach in their thousands to visit the seaside attractions, depending on your business your building could be one of them! With the heavy number of pedestrians and footfall in the area it is more important than ever to have a striking building. A clean, well coated property could be the difference in attracting passing trade or deterring them away to competitors. Seaside towns / cities attract all different kinds of people, but one thing is for certain a great looking shop front will be far more appealing to the public than a rundown store. With our specialist shop front / onsite spraying service your building can be just as refreshing as that beautiful sea view – producing a great impression to tourist for at least 10 years!

The Sea Air

It might sound strange but the sea area will affect the condition of your building greatly, producing corrosion at the much faster rate that more centrally located units in the UK. Sand particles in the air and rain eat away at your coating on your cladding, exposing the metal sheets beneath – if these are left untreated further corrosion occur which could result in dangerous structural issues in the future. Although the sand particles are invisible to the eye, the damages that it causes to the building certainly aren’t. With these particles, the corrosion happens at a far quicker rate then purer air areas. Our protective coating system can protect against this damage, and our cut edge corrosion treatment can rectify any current corrosion that has developed – before it leads to more permanent damage.


Another issue you may not always think of, but seagulls can cause impairment to your unit through their droppings. The uric acid in the bird’s droppings can cause this damage instantly and paint is no match against this acid, it will simply wear away leaving an unsightly and unprotective face. The seagull droppings can corrode the paint from the surface of the unit, leaving a patched exterior which is very unappealing to the public. The excrement will continually corrode the cladding if not cleaned away, this will then corrode through the paint and can then even attack the metal sheets – leaving holes and cracks in the walls. By regularly cleaning your unit, any bird droppings will be washed away, leaving no room for acid corrosion!

All buildings, regardless of location should be well treated and continually maintained to prolong both their lifespan and improve their appearance – these are just some additional factors you we think you should consider if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful seaview. If any of these issues are effecting your unit, our friendly team of maintenance experts would be more than happy to carry out a FREE site visit!

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