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External Façade Problems & Treatments

The external façade of a building should be a well maintained and treated surface. You wouldn’t have the inside of your office or shop looking unsightly, so why would your allow this for your exterior. The external appearance of your building is just as important as the internal; and some would argue that the exterior holds a greater importance, as it provides that initial first impression to the public. It’s not just the walls of your façade that need to be treated, but there are many other aspects of the building that can be victims of weathering, aging and damage.

External walls – the main part of your exterior. Your walls are very vulnerable to harsh weathering, the freezing temperatures can cause cracks and peeling, whereas the scorching sun can bleach the paint or coating, leaving it dull, unattractive and often mismatched to other walls on the unit. When these issues occur, a recommended practice of repair would be to re-coat the walls with a new and protective paint system. We used Rust-Oleum systems when re-spraying, due to their highly protective and waterproof qualities. Re-coating your façade will both protect and improve the appearance of your building – which will provide that all important great first impression.

Gutters – In the autumn and winter months your gutters will no doubt build up leaves and tree excess which can often block your gutters, preventing water drainage. If left untreated the stagnant water can turn into leaks, which can affect the interior of your building. Gutters and flashing are also very prone to cut edge corrosion – which in many cases leads to cracks, holes and further damages.  Cladding Coatings provides gutter cleaning, coating and repair services. Using the industry leading coating system from Tor Coatings. Elastaseal™ HD gutter system provides long term waterproofing solutions to a wide range of gutters.


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