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How to repair your cladding when refurbishment isn’t possible

Cladding restoration means getting the façade finish that’s right you, with repair options that meet your needs when refurbishment isn’t possible.

At Cladding Coatings, we do everything we can to prioritise refurbishment work rather than repair. Typically, cladding refurbishment is quicker, more cost-effective and less disruptive than cladding repair. However, there are times when external wall and roof repair is the right thing for your project and your property.
When repair is needed, with Cladding Coatings at hand you have a number of cladding restoration options. Let’s talk you through some of the most popular commercial cladding repair options that are all part of the expert service we offer.

Roof Cladding Repair

Roof cladding repair

Your roof is a likely victim of damage. After all, it’s the first point for the sun’s rays to hit, the snow to land, or even debris, such as foliage, to fall. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you’ll often find you need to commission a roof repair project for your property.

To save time and expense, our team can repair single or multiple cladding panels on your roof, attending only to those that need it most. We do this on varied different roof types, including flat roofs, and can also repair rooflights and guttering. And we always put health and safety first, committed to using the latest roof access safety systems for you, your clients and staff, and our team.

Wall Cladding Repairs

Wall cladding repair

Refurbishment of a full façade is one of our most popular cladding restoration services here at Cladding Coatings. Yet when considering wall cladding repair, the full-scale work can seem like a daunting task.

With our expert team on hand, our on site spraying work efficiently repairs your wall cladding to deliver a finish that looks like new again. And, just like our roof cladding repair work, we can repair just a targeted area of your wall cladding, with a bespoke service that focusses on only a dedicated area that’s a cause for concern, such as the façade front facing the coast or the one in front of your customers! Watch how we do this here.

Cut-edge corrosion repair

Cut-edge corrosion repair

Cut-edge corrosion repair for metal roof cladding and metal wall cladding is a really common requirement. It happens when the metal cut-edge of the cladding sheeting begins to deteriorate, whether that’s due to harsh weather conditions, lack of proper building maintenance, or simply the passage of time.

When the cut-edge of the cladding sheet is too damaged, it begins to peel back. This is the point when water and other elements enter your property, and causes significant problems both inside and out. Using industry-leading systems such as Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ Fibretex, our cladding restoration team repair and treat cut-edge corrosion to stop the damage in its tracks.

Whichever cladding restoration service you use, don’t forget it comes backed with our Cladding Coatings minimum ten-year guarantee. That way, whether you repair or refurbish, you’ll have the utmost peace of mind. That confidence in our team is strengthened by our testimonials. Take a look at our case studies here, and find out how our wide range of clients have benefited from cladding restoration and repair services across the UK.

To discuss your property and your project today, get in touch with our knowledgeable team. We’re always happy to use our multiple years of cladding restoration experience to share our expertise and advice. Talk to us about your planned building maintenance schedule, or ask us for your free onsite survey and a fast quotation today. Whether we find you need cladding refurbishment or cladding repair, we’ll make your building look like new again.

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