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What’s on the inside counts too!

Have the inside of your building looking clean and bright for your staff and customers with Cladding Coatings Internal Refurbishment service.

It’s so important for your building to look its best to attract customers – first impressions count, so making it a good one is vital. This counts for both the external building and internal. If you have an attractive exterior but your internal is dull and worn out – this could leave a damaging impression of your business. Internal decoration is just as important as having your outside looking great, for both customer and staff satisfaction. Although we mainly carry out external refurbishments, you may be surprised to hear we also carry out internal decorations too.

What we can do for your interior?

One of our main internal refurbishment services is the internal floor painting. Even hard wearing floors become damaged and dismal overtime, especially when heavy machinery is involved and there is a lot of footfall. It’s not just unsightly but overtime as the problem worsens, it will become much hard to work or walk on. We specialise in the industrial painting and decorating of floors, using a highly protective and high quality coating system, which is ideal for heavy duty environments where industrial equipment, such as forklift trucks, is commonplace. As like all of our coating systems, we have a range of colours to choose from, so will be able to match your branding and needs accordingly, and our services are backed up with our 10 year guarantee.

We also specialise in door and window spraying, and can carry this out on the interior too. Windows can often be a focus point of a room, so having them looking attractive is a great way to brighten up your building. It’s also important to have the gateway to your building looking nice too – the door. It’s often the first and last thing your customers and staff will see, and having them looking good and well coated will leave a positive lasting impression.

Another thing we offer, is an external refurbishment that directly affects the inside of your building – this is cleaning and repairing your roof lights. Industrial buildings and warehouses often have roof lights on their roof, to enable sunlight to get through and brighten the building up inside. However, dirt and residue often get built up on roof lights, blocking the sunlight – of course restricting the sunlight through to the inside, which can increase electricity costs, as more lighting will have to be used as opposed to the natural brightening from the sun. We can carry out the cleaning and repair of roof lights, to remove the dirt and allow the sunlight to shine through once again. Although this is an external service we offer, it will help the look and feel of your internal building.

It’s important not to neglect your building’s interior, it can be just as impressionable as the outside, so make it a good one with the help of Cladding Coating’s internal refurbishment services.

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