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Is your building wrapped for Christmas?

cladding coatings cladding wrappingAre you hanging up your stockings on the wall?  As the Christmas season fast approaches, don’t forget, it is not just the Christmas presents that can be wrapped.  Your commercial property can also be covered with our refurbishment service, cladding wrapping!

We have a wide range of specialist refurbishment services that can help renew your premises so it is well prepared for snow and rain, one of which is our Cladding Wrapping service.

This is a newly introduced service from us and is an ideal alternative to our popular on-site spraying service. Cladding Wrapping is the process of covering the existing cladding with a specialist multi-layered film onto the building’s external facade. This film is a highly protective covering, which can be applied in a wide range of colours to match any branding or customer requirements.

Suitable for cladding panels and window and door frames, cladding wrapping is the perfect alternative to cladding painting and spraying. it is particularly useful in environments where it is busy and need minimal noise and disruption, such as hospitals, schools, public buildings and car showrooms. It is also easily installed and applied, meaning that business can carry on as usual with minimum disturbance from us.

The cladding wrapping doesn’t need tinsel or bows to look fantastic, as the smooth finish and high-performance film leaves your building attractive and durable. The wrapping also comes with a guarantee, it is protected against ageing, corrosion and weathering, which means it will be protected against the cold winter nights and harsh conditions such as frost, snow and ice.

Our wrapping has excellent fire-retardant properties and is available in a large variety of colours, so it can match your branding or themes.

Why don’t you ask Santa for that special gift this year and call 0161 626 3493 for a free onsite visit from our expert team.

Read more about Cladding Wrapping here.

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