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Knowing your environment

Lake District Boat Club Roof SprayingCladding Coatings expert team is able to assess the environment at your premises before recommending the best paint system that suits the needs for not only your building type and location but also to be robust and stand up to the environmental affects it may face over time.

The Cladding Coatings team is trained to ISO12944 which certifies on the assessment of the environment for paints and wall coverings.

The ISO 12944 classification explains a number of environmental classifications which are used by Cladding Coatings to determine the appropriate paint system. These range from low risk environments such as heated buildings with a neutral atmosphere to high risk whether in heavy industry or offshore. The environments have been decided following a number of experiments measuring the effects and metal loss for uncoated steel.

ISO 12944 Classifications

C1, C2
This classification typically applies to heated buildings with a neutral atmosphere that are usually situated in rural location with low pollution.

This classification is applied to buildings situated in urban or industrial atmospheres with moderate levels of sulphur dioxide. This can also be typical in production facilities with high humidity.

This classification is typical for industrial and coastal locations and also chemical processing plants.

The C5I classification is typically applied in industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.

This classification applies to marine, offshore, estuaries and coastal locations with high salinity.

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