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Make the right first impression in 2019

When we make our New Year’s resolutions, we commit to positively change things in the coming year, both personally and professionally. When it comes to your business, a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate. Does your company make the right first impression? Is your image on brand? Do you appear polished, presentable, and professional?

Wall Re-coating Bibbys DistributionThe first place you need to look to answer these questions is your building itself. After all, the exterior of your property is the first thing a prospective customer, or an existing client, will see when arriving at your site. Whether you’re trying to attract new custom or impress an important contact, your building needs to project the best image of your company. A tired, neglected facade certainly does not give a great impression of a professional business. Thankfully, at Cladding Coatings, our many years of expertise in building maintenance ensure that we’ll be on hand to help bring your building back to life for the new year.

Christmas is busy time. Couple a hectic few months with harsher winter weather conditions, and your facade may have been sorely neglected. Cracks may have started to appear, paintwork may have begun to fade and, most damagingly, there may be signs of cut-edge corrosion. Cut-edge corrosion is the breakdown of the cut-edge on metal cladding sheeting, which can begin to deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Not only is this visually problematic, it can allow water to enter your building through structural weakness, damaging your interior and your new year stock. Our approved, guaranteed and fully-accredited cut-edge corrosion treatments prevent a costly cladding replacement bill this January by repairing the damage before it reaches a critical level.

Have you decided to rebrand in the new year? Cladding Coatings on-site spraying services can give your tired paintwork a refresh, with a new colour scheme that is bright, polished and professional. We also offer a colour-match system, ensuring we can match any new branding or simply complement an existing colour scheme with a fresh, rejuvenated look. Our careful processes and attention to detail ensure minimal disruption and allow day-to-day operations to continue.

It’s also important to check the less visible aspects of your property. A new year is an ideal time to make sure everything’s in order, so check your building’s roof. Have the guttering systems become blocked by leaves and other vegetation? If the answer is yes, it’s time to call Cladding Coatings and ask our team to take a look. If the guttering system is blocked, it cannot divert rainwater away from your property, which can cause long-term damage. We recommend your guttering is cleaned at least once a year, so why not make it a New Year’s resolution? We provide long-term waterproofing coatings for a wide range of guttering systems that protect your property against water damage and subsequent corrosion.

Our extensive range of repair and restoration services ensure that your building will receive a professionally-finished revival for 2019. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote, a free site survey, and some expert advice on how to make sure your building delivers the right first impression this coming year.

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