Nano Coating Application

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new service, adding to our already impressive range – Nano Coating Application.

Our new Nano coating system is one of the latest technologies used in the coating and protection of exterior roofing and cladding.

Although Nano Coating is not new and has been used for many years already, recent advances in technology now means that the application can be used in a wider variety of sectors and on new surface types which now allows it to be used on commercial properties.

The Nano coating system is the result of an application where nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on a surface. The system makes a protective, waterproof seal that stops liquid and dirt sticking or absorbing into the cladding or material.

As well as being highly resistant and waterproof, it creates an easy to clean surface. The application can be applied to walls, roofs, or windows and to metal, masonry, wood, glass and plastic.

We can now offer this nano coating system as part of our service offerings to our customers – to further strengthen the face of your building.

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