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What you need to know about cladding

Cladding is an excellent system to protect your premises and provide a professional and clean finish to your building’s exterior. Cladding Coatings provide refurbishment and repair for a range of cladding systems for your building.

Here are some facts about cladding and why it makes such a great building material for commercial and industrial premises.

North Seaton Industrial Estate Cladding After Spraying“Cladding” means to apply one material over another to provide a skin or layer to control the infiltration of weather elements and for aesthetic purposes.

Its also worth pointing out that it doesn’t necessary provide a waterproof surface but controls the risk by safely direct water or wind in order to control run-off and prevent infiltration into the building structure.

The reasons so many building contractors opt for a clad finish to their buildings is because cladding, as mentioned above, protects the building from the weather elements, looks good and can also help the infiltration of wind, moisture or heat.

These qualities mean that building contractors will use a cladding finish to provide their clients with a robust and long lasting solution with minimal maintenance demands.

There are a range of materials used for cladding, and of course each material offers specific advantages and disadvantages. The most common materials used in the UK are weatherboard, metal, stone, timber, fibre cement, aluminium, vinyl, brick, fibre cement, UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride), concrete and foam.

Gilberts After RefurbishmentPanels are fastened, in most cases, directly to the battens, however with timber or UPVC, this can present a risk of splitting or cracking the panels. Many contractors will opt for a panel that has the holes pre-drilled to avoid this happening.

Once in place, the facade is then sprayed with a paint system which will protect the cladding for around 10 years assuming the recommended maintenance and servicing guidelines are adhered to.

Where cladding requires repair it is often the preference of the building owner to repair the existing cladding as replacement can be a time consuming and costly process.

We can refurbish your building to give a finish that is like new. In many cases the process can be completed whilst your business operates business as usual causing minimal disruption to your premises and surrounding areas.

If your external walls are starting to decline or is letting water into the building, call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or organise a site visit to your location, where we can discuss and assess any damage in detail.

Read more about our refurbishment services for walls here.

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