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On-site Spraying – An Amazing Transformation

Using onsite spraying, you can quickly and easily transform your building’s facade at a lower cost than to replace panels and sheets.

Often it is the paintwork on a facade that is in need of attention due to the paint either peeling, cracking or fading.

Most buildings are affected by paint deterioration of some kind, usually caused by natural effects such as weathering and ageing. Sometimes damage to a building or flaws in the initial paint application will also cause the paint to deteriorate.

Regalead Before CoatingSadly this will have an adverse effect on the appearance of your building leaving it unsightly and off-putting to the public.

This is crucially important for shops, stores and units where customers or clients will be visiting your building.

The first impression of the business is often made as they approach your building and a neglected premises could impact on potential business!

Treating this form of building failure is very simple, our specialist on-site spraying service is the ideal solution to help cure the problem.

Onsite spraying will re-coat and re-paint the walls, roofs, doors, windows and gutters of your building. This  produces a clean, even and protected finish. On-site spraying can be used to transform your building, treating the faded and flaking paint.

The paint system we use during our on-site spraying has excellent weather and UV protection, is highly elasticated so allows for any movement and can be applied in an endless array of colours.

Unlike manual painting, this is a spray paint service, which produces a smoother more even appearance with no brush marks.  On-site spraying is also carried out much faster than manual painting and is far more cost effective than facade replacement.

There is no reason to leave your neglected painted building untreated, Cladding Coatings have the answer – a truly amazing transformation is just a few sprays away!

Read more about our on-site spraying and book your FREE site survey.

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