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Preparing your Property for Letting

The commercial letting marketplace is a competitive one, and the key factor of attracting the right new tenant for you is presentation. Cladding Coatings works with property agents, letting agents, surveyors and individual landlords to ensure each building’s interior and exterior are attractive, presentable and clean to attract the next tenant quickly within your timescales and to maximise your potential rental income.

Interior decoration
When a tenant leaves a unit this is always a good time to refresh the interior decoration ahead of finding a new tenant. It also means a clean, freshly painted unit is more attractive to potential tenants when viewing and will eradicate any odours or stains which will give away the identity of a previous tenant. Cladding Coatings is able to clean and repaint your rental properties interior and flooring where necessary to provide the brand new building feel you need to rent your property quickly.

External refurbishment
The external walls, doors, windows and roof will over time need attention to ensure your property is attractive to potential tenants. A prospect visiting your property will be keen to ensure the exterior property is sound and unlikely to cause them problems from leaks which may potentially damage their stock or work areas. A survey from the Cladding Coatings Team will ensure we provide you with all the information you need about the current state of your building’s exterior, identify areas which need attending and highlight any areas which maybe prone to deterioration before it becomes an issue to the building’s structure.

Good maintenance record
Having a maintenance log book available for your tenants to see is an excellent way of confirming to your potential new tenant that you are a responsible and considerate landlord. Cladding Coatings will advise you on the frequency of a maintenance visit to ensure your property is well maintained and presentable at all times.

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