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Restoring Revolting Roofs

A building’s life span is dependent on various different factors. These include location, weather, maintenance plans and systems used. One area of particular concern is your property’s roof, which inevitably bears the weight of inclement weather, dirt and debris accumulation and, ultimately, neglect. However, at Cladding Coatings our roofing repair and restoration services mean we have the experience and skill to tackle even the most dilapidated roofs, and a new, drone surveying service that further enhances our capabilities.

Naturally, a building will begin to age and deteriorate over time, meaning your once brand-new façade is now looking faded and worn. The impairments become increasingly visible as the issues worsen and are often primarily noticed on the walls, windows and doors of the building. These are areas which the tenants, owners and customers will see each day, so it is apparent when deterioration has begun to occur.

Your roof, however, is often ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Roofs are frequently neglected and forgotten about because they are out of daily view, but the damage on the top of your building is just as much as a concern as any other area. In fact, in some cases, it is a greater worry: if your roof is failing, and falls in, this is a serious hazard to anyone inside – or outside – your premises.

A weakened roof is highly dangerous, which is why it is imperative you carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure no potentially hazardous damage is occurring. Deterioration on a roof could range from paint fading to corrosion: problems which, when left untreated, have serious effects on your building’s structure. That said, we do understand these issues are not easy to observe; in fact, due to their location, they often go unnoticed – until now.

Cladding CoatingsManaging director, Mike, has recently obtained his licence to operate a drone. As such, we are now able to offer drone inspection of previously hard to access areas of your property: namely roofing. Not only does the use of drone provide us with unrivalled visibility, it also gives us a video recording of the site assessment, so we have a copy of the footage available for review. This has a dual purpose: firstly, it enables us to provide an assessment of the utmost accuracy and, as such, a quote that is entirely bespoke. Secondly, it allows for thorough before and after overviews of the work completed, allowing our customers to see the incredible difference our work has made to their property’s roof and provide testament to the quality of our roofing repair services.

To find out more about how Cladding Coatings can prevent your building’s roof falling into disrepair, call our friendly team today.

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