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Retail Revitalisation

Retail units the same as industrial units, warehouses and factories, suffer the same deterioration over time. As the building ages, the external cladding can suffer fading, chalking, cracking and peeling paint, cut edge corrosion, leaks, failing gutters and a build-up of dirt, grime and algae. Without regular maintenance this culmination of issues creates a building that looks old, worn out is unappealing.

As a retail business, this is the last thing you want customers to see. It can be off putting and may affect their decision to shop in your store.

Sportive Nation Shopfront Spraying

So, what can you do about it?

From the moment your building is new the deterioration starts, therefore the maintenance needs to commence straight away. Regular cleaning should be enough to keep it looking good for years.

The alone however cannot prevent the effects of the weather and environment. The sun, wind and rain, extreme temperature changes and your location will all play a part in the aging process.

So, if you’ve inherited and older property, or one that has not been maintained, we recommend that you carry out a full building inspection to ascertain what stage the deterioration is at, which will enable you to take the appropriate action before your problems get much worse and more costly.

Wynsors Before Shopfront Refurbishment
Wynsors Front After On-site Spraying

Free site surveys

Our teams can attend site and carry out free site surveys which will provide you with a detailed report of the condition of your property. We can make recommendations and offer a no obligation quotation for the work to be carried out. We also offer drone surveys for roof areas that maybe hard to access to get a clear view of the condition and any problems.

Onsite repair and refurbishment

Our professional and experienced teams can attend site and carry out appropriate work. Depending on the severity of the deterioration this may include the repair and replacement of panels, cut edge corrosion treatment or rooflight replacement. It may be a full roof or cladding respray, window painting or roller door coating. Or, could be as simple as a thorough clean a fungicidal solution.

Barnsley Retail Park Roof Cladding Coating

Ongoing maintenance

We can agree a maintenance plan with you to ensure that once work is complete, you are able to maintain the building long term to extend the life of the roof and walls and save on refurbishment costs in the future.

Long Term Protection Guaranteed

Once refurbished by our team, your walls or roof will be protected for decades, all our wall and roof coating services are backed by a minimum guarantee of 10 years as standard. We offer roof coatings with a guarantee of up to 30 years. This give you peace of mind that your property has long term protection from deterioration.

Additional features

Whilst our teams carry out a refurbishment on your roof, why not ask us to install a RoofSafe, fall arrest system. This roof safety system is a series of anchors fixed at points around your roof with a horizontal line threaded between them. Trained contractors wearing a harness can connect to the lines to ensure their safety whilst working at height.

If you’re looking to save energy and costs, you can ask us to quote you for solar panels. If you’re having your roof recoated, it’s an excellent time to add solar to your roof, not only because scaffolding is already in place to access the area but your roof is protected long term avoiding the news to remove the panels in the near future to carry out refurbishment works.

Former Poundstretcher Leicester Refurbished Shopfront

Carry on shopping

After a refurbishment you will be left with a shopfront that looks like new which will be appealing to customers encouraging them to shop in your store. A facelift to your store will increase footfall and increase sales. You will not only have saved money and be saving money But also earning money too.

Make your building work for your business and give us a call to help you transform your property.

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