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Solution for Hidden Corrosion

Sometimes when starting work on a new project, there are hidden surprises. But this doesn’t put us off, due to our skills and experience, we just take this in our stride, and can problem solve to find solutions that help our clients receive the very best service.

Cladding Coatings

When working on a recent project, the task was to wash down this facia trim and prepare it for onsite spraying. On initial inspection this appeared to be a straightforward process, just the same as many other refurbishment projects we work on. However, when work began washing down this part of the building façade it soon became apparent, not all was as it seemed.

Our team of experts began work on site with the preparation as part of the refurbishment work. With equipment in place, masking done, and all health and safety taken care of, the next step was to start washing the surfaces with a high pressured washing equipment using a special solution.

The cleaning commenced and then the team noticed something hiding underneath the paint. Corrosion. Along the length of the trim, there were several patches of corrosion that were hidden by the existing paint system. If left untreated this corrosion would carry on progressing and eventually eat away at the metal, leading to a costly, full replacement of all the trims.

Fortunately, our teams are trained to spot issues like this and were able to act immediately to rectify the problem. Using specialist systems, our applicators treated the corrosion to prevent any further deterioration. By grinding the rust, cleaning thoroughly and applying a specialist treatment, the corroded area is treated and repaired so the spread will stop.

Cladding Coatings

The surface was then fully prepared, ready to be coated with high performing paints that will provide a seamless coating across the length of the building. This doesn’t just hide the unsightly corrosion but because it is now treated, it is fully repaired to allow the metal trim to do its job effectively without further decay.

Cladding Coatings

This is a good example of why using specialist applicators to carry out external refurbishment work is so important. We were able to access the surface and clean old paint away revealing the true state of the metal, meaning corrective actions could be delivered in a timely manner. Without any major delays, we were reactive and fixed the problem with a long term solution. Now the client has the peace of mind that a thorough refurbishment has been carried out and it is guaranteed to last.

All our roof and wall cladding coating work is backed by a minimum guarantee of 10 years, so you can be sure of a long term solution that will only require minimum maintenance in the years to come.

It’s very difficult to know the true state of the metal cladding underneath old paint but when you discover it, the correct steps must be taken to ensure that it is recoated correctly using the right systems in order to restore the protective layer and prevent further deterioration. It’s not enough to simply cover it up. Do it right the first time and it will save you money long term.

We are available for free site visits or to carry out a drone survey at your property, let us take a look at the current state of your metal roof and wall cladding so we can make expert recommendations for your external refurbishment. With decades of experience, you can trust us to spot any problems early and identify areas that if restored could save you money in the future.

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