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Step by Step Guide to Facade Perfection! (The 4 C’s)

A great looking building is a fantastic way to promote your business and brand. People will see an attractive building and take note of the owners of it – as always first impressions really do count. Usually, it is the new build properties that catch people’s eyes, but the same can be done for existing properties – especially with the help of Cladding Coatings. Here is our step by step guide to having facade perfection… the 4 C’s.

The Coating

Industrial units, commercial properties and warehouses all seem to have the same common issue –over time the once pristine paint coating on their exterior, begins to fade, crack and peel. This is an inevitable damage that will occur to all clad units, but is easily rectified. Re-coating the façade is an excellent process we use to guarantee an attractive, smooth looking building. Our highly protective coatings can be applied to all building types, in most weather conditions. It will transform the washed-out, flaking paint with a fresh coat which is both even and vibrant. A dull and worn building can turn into an eyesore if left to deteriorate, but with our on-site spraying services we can have the exterior facade looking as good as new.

The Colour

Choosing the right colour is a vitally important step in decorating your building. You don’t want it to clash with the surroundings or be mismatched against other units or even your own branding! You must consider your environment when choosing your colour scheme, a white unit on a muddy farm can mean you continually need to clean your unit. You also do not want the colour of your unit to clash with your branding. Matching colours may dilute the signage, meaning people may struggle to find you and colours that oppose each other can make your building look unsightly (and the company unprofessional). Don’t get tied up in the colour saga, allow us to help you make the colour scheme decision an easy one with our free onsite samples and digital mock-ups. Using professional design software we can transform the face of your building with a chosen colour scheme – just from a picture of your building’s exterior. We can also provide paint samples during our site survey, where we paint a small patch of your unit to show you how the system will look. Both of these services are the ideal way to choose the correct colour before you fully commit to the re-painting. The perfect colour can be the difference between a great looking building and an unappealing one.


Even with the right colour and a newly coated unit, the cleanliness of your building can also be a hurdle in the aim for facade perfection! Dirt, residue, pollution and birds are all contributors in soiling your building. An unclean building can be just as damaging as a badly painted one. Customers may be put off by the appearance of your building – they may even believe the exterior will reflect the cleanliness of the interior, which could be damaging to your potential customer footfall. Our industrial cleaning service can remove even the ground in dirt from your building. It produces a clean surface allowing your facade cladding to shine – looking fantastic. It is a simple process to carry out and can be the difference between a customer coming into your shop or be deterred away due its appearance.


Weathering is a villain for buildings and actively begins to corrode the metal sheets of a unit. A corroded unit leaves an unattractive and unprotected façade, which if not repaired will only cause additional more serious damages to your building. Our specialist cut edge corrosion team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience with Tor Elastaseal – the ideal and tested solution to fix the cut edge corrosion issues. The cut edge corrosion repair service will repair the damage and protect it from similar future impairments for at least 10 years. This is a quality process and is barely recognisable – making your building look as new.

It is easier than you think to have a great looking facade – one that will attract people and leave the best impression you desire. Our repair and maintenance services can help transform buildings in a variety of conditions, allowing them to meet their potential and look phenomenal!

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