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The Building Of Horrors – 5 Halloween Failures

The pumpkins are being carved and the witches brew is being stirred: we are just days away from the spooky Halloween season! It is tradition to get dressed up in your scariest outfit and dress up your buildings with frightening decorations, but don’t let this fearsome look be caused by the poor maintenance of your premises!

There are many ways you can leave your building looking spooktacular ready for Halloween and the trick or treaters, but we have listed five things that should definitely be avoided, even on the 31st of October!

Cladding Coatings

Creepy Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is a frightening and unsightly occurrence on clad buildings. It is caused by weathering and ageing that corrodes away the paint and eats into the bare metal sheets of cladding. Rust soon builds up, which not only leaves a horrific appearance but also leaves the walls and roofs very vulnerable to future damage. If not treated, the issue will only worsen at a far quicker rate, and it could leave the building unstable and unsafe. Treat your corroded facades with our cut edge corrosion treatment and get rid of that revolting rust.


Frightening Flaking

Corrosion isn’t the only damage caused by weathering and ageing. Sadly, Mother Nature impacts the face of a building in many ways, one of which is causing the paint on the walls to flake. The extreme changes in British weather conditions mean that the paint on a façade is subject to a lot of movement, which often causes the paint to peel away from the metal sheets and begin to flake away. However, there is no need to fear: our on-site spraying services can re-coat your walls and roofs, leaving a smooth, beautified surface. Plus, our industry-leading coatings have exceptional movement and flexibility features, putting up a tough fight even against the harshest weather conditions.


Dreadful Doors

The entrance of your building is often the first thing people see, so it is important it looks appealing. This Halloween season, we think a few ‘Danger’ signs and creepy pumpkins are more than enough to spook the ghosts and ghouls. Don’t let paint neglect be a scarier sight! Much like walls and roofs, your doors can be subject to paint cracking and peeling, particularly roller shutter doors that are continually in motion. This flaking paint not only looks horrifying, but can also affect the functionality of your building and leave it exposed to corrosion. The solutions? Paint re-coating or re-spraying, renovating the patchy, flaking door back to its former glory – ready to attract those customers through it!


Roof Repair and Painting

Revolting Roofs

Your roof is out of sight and often out of mind. However, the roof of your building is an aspect that is highly important and shouldn’t be forgotten. Roof neglect can lead to corrosion, leaks, dirt build-up, paint flaking, and much more. As your roof declines, so will the lifespan of your building, leaving potentially dangerous consequences. We can re-coat the roof of your premises to allow for a well-protected surface to fight against these terrifying faults.


Repulsive Roof-lights

Rooflights are just as neglected as roofs; however, they can be so important to the day-to-day running of a business and save you a great deal of money! Rooflights allow natural sunlight to shine through into the interior of your building. This could help reduce the need for excessive electrical lighting, and therefore is a cost-efficient way to brighten your premises. However, this can only be done if the rooflights are clean! Dirty rooflights will restrict the light entering the building, so it is important your lights are grime and dirt free. Luckily, our rooflight refurbishment services can restore those filthy, frightening lights and let the light shine through again!


Don’t scare your customers away this Halloween season. Let us assess your building and make it spectacular, not spooktacular.


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