The Colour Spectrum of your Building

Colour has played a significant and crucial part of architectural design for centuries; many people believe that your chosen colour pigment speaks volumes about the image you are wishing to portray about your company. Selecting a colour for your building is often directly linked to the colours within your branding, to help provide a consistent and uniform appearance.

Ashton Self Storage External RefurbishmentStudies into colour and pigmentation have proven that people often identify certain colours with different moods or states of mind. For instance, yellows and greens are often categorised as positive happy colours due to their vibrancy and vivid appearance. Whereas red often resembles danger or negativity, potentially due to associations such as warning signs, errors or hazards throughout modern society.

How the public perceive your building, can seriously impact the reputation of your business thus impacting on the footfall. It is important you are portraying your company with a good image – the appearance of your premises plays a key role within this. The colour you have chosen for your façade can dramatically change the feel of your business, leaving it in either a positive or negative light.

The importance of this is only strengthened when you own a shop or business that is open to the public. The colour is a major component when the people are rendering that all important first impression. This chosen shade can transform your building from a dismal and unappealing face to a strikingly beautiful façade.

However, the correct colour may not be a simple and defiant decision. Cladding Coatings can aid you in the thought process with the help of our extensive colour library and FREE on-site sample service. Predicting the final outcome will no longer be an issue, with our on-site samples, which can be executed to showcase your various colour choices to help make the final decision process much more straight-forward.

The importance of colour has evolved over-time and helps to represent your building in a reputable way. If you need help selecting the right colour for your building, contact us today to book a FREE site visit.

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