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Time to Spring Clean Your Guttering

As we approach Spring, please remember the importance of cleaning your building’s guttering system. A clean and working gutter can be taken for granted, but when not working can mean water dripping onto our heads when walking into our buildings and also water dripping down the walls and into the foundations of the building – this can drastically affect your buildings structure, and become costly when you need to repair.

Cladding Coatings will recommend a maintenance plan for your gutters which includes them being cleaned during the year, a frequency dependant on the location and any overhanging trees. The obvious maintenance visit, commonly follows the Autumn season when leaves have fallen into the gutter causing them to overflow or become blocked. However many customers don’t realise that the Winter months can also prove to be hard wearing on the building’s guttering system, the combination of rain, snow and low temperatures can mean that your guttering system is overdue some TLC by the time the Spring arrives.

The cost of ensuring your building maintenance plan includes your guttering is a drop in the ocean when comparing to the costs you may incur should your guttering system fail resulting in your building no longer being water tight. This may result in damaged stock, ruined office equipment or worst of all a potentially unsafe building.

A simple test we can all do, is when it is raining go outside and have a look how much water is coming out of your downpipes. If the flow doesn’t seem to match the rain downpour then it is definitely time to speak to the Cladding Coatings team and arrange a visit.

When we meet with you we will then schedule our next visit to ensure your building’s guttering system is prepared for each season and the different obstacles it faces, after the Spring period we also see a high demand for our services when our guttering can be filled with leaves, blossom or twigs.

Having an annual maintenance plan will ensure your building remains watertight and the guttering is able to safely take the water away from your building no matter what the weather.

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