Treating Cut Edge Corrosion with Tor Elastaseal™

Specialists Cladding Coatings are highly experienced in treating cut edge corrosion. With many years experience the team are able to seamlessly repair cut edge, end lap and gutter edge corrosion.

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We us a system from Tor Coatings. Tor Elastaseal™ is an effective, durable flexible system backed by Cladding Coatings 10 year guarantee.

Last month Cladding Coatings became approved partners of the Tor partnership scheme.


The Process:

First the area on and around the corrosion is cleaned by the specialist team. Specific equipment suited to the surface and dirt is used including the use of a variety of spray nozzles to clean effectively and thoroughly.

Roof cleaning

When dry, the edge to be repaired will be grinded by a hand held grinder. This is to remove loose particles and leave smooth debris free edge to apply the repair coating.

Cut edge corrosion treatment

A primer coat is then applied by brush as a base layer to cover and exposed surface.

Primer applied to cut edge

Once the primer has  dried a layer of fibre tape is applied from a roll by removing the backing and laying smoothly on the edge providing a reinforced seal.

Applying tape to cut edge Tape applied for cut edge corrosion treatment

Then the top coat is applied by brush to cover the tape and finish the watertight seal of the cut edge.

Applying top coat

If required the area can be re-sprayed but this is not always required as the joints are not normally unsightly but in most cases blend into the existing area.

Roof after cut edge repair

For more product information visit the manufacturer’s website Tor Coatings Ltd

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