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Using Noxyde to Repaint your Building

Rust-Oleum-PaintAt Cladding Coatings we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developments in the cladding industry, and on our knowledge of the most effective products to use when repainting your building.

Additional protection against the elements is an essential consideration when repainting; therefore, one of our preferred products to use is Rustoleum Noxyde: a water-based paint, providing unrivalled corrosion protection. Often used for both cladding and lap edge protection, Noxyde creates a flexible elastic membrane: capable of stretching to over 200% of its initial mass. When other types of paint coatings are applied, you may have noticed that cracks and splits appear; however, the primary benefit of Noxyde is that its elasticity prevents water seeping through such breaks in the paint, which occur when the metal expands and contracts.

Cladding Coatings noxyde sampleTo demonstrate Noxyde’s effectiveness, take a look at the image which shows a sample with Noxyde spray applied.
When the Noxyde is dry, the sample is bent; his would normally cause the paint to split and crack. However, as you can see, the impressive elasticity of the Noxyde means that the paint itself remains intact: with no damage to the rust-inhibitive membrane that the paint creates.

Furthermore, using Noxyde ensures that Cladding Coatings are able to provide precise and considered paint coverage. For those slightly trickier areas, such as an overlap or a protruding bolt, the composition of Noxyde makes it easy for us to see the areas that have not been fully coated with the initial brush application.

The use of contrasting coats gives us a visual aid, so we can clearly identify the areas that require the crucial second coat: essential in providing the waterproof membrane, and in assuring you that the area is fully covered and protected.

As we pride ourselves on our high level of care, with Noxyde we can be confident that we are considering not just the area we are painting, but also the surrounding area of your site. A key feature of Noxyde is that, once sprayed, the particles become a dry powder within three to four metres of airborne travel. Known as a ‘dry fall’, this is vital in ensuring areas in the vicinity are not painted accidently.

The paint elasticity of Rustoleum Noxyde makes it an ideal product to use when repainting your building.

For more information on the products we use, just give one of our friendly team a call: 0161 626 3493.

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