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Weather and the Damage it Causes

The Great British weather is always full of surprises, there is no way of ever predicting what the weather will be like from week to week, one day we could have a heat wave, the next we have our hat and gloves out again. But one thing we can guarantee is the weather has a damaging effect on your building, causing severely weathered cladding.

Every season and weather type affects your building in different ways from the walls to the roofs. Winters freezing temperatures can cause your cladding to crack and wear out. The expansion and retraction of the freezing temperatures leaves your paint flaking and the metal to crack and open. This will of course not just look unsightly but also increase the chance of leaks.

In the autumn as the leaves are falling from the trees, it is very common for gutters to become clogged and damaged. This will cause issues with your gutters which can spread to your roofs. For example the water flow is compromised and water then backs up, pooling and can seem into the eaves. The wind also blows the leaves and dirt onto the roof and they often get built up over the roof and roof lights – stopping light from entering the building and of course making your building look dirty and unappealing to customers.
Painted cladding fades overtime by the natural weathering process. The rain can wear out the colour, as can the sun, which will bleach the colouring of the paint – leaving it dull and unappealing.

Now as we know, there is nothing we can do about the weather, however this is something you can do to reduce the damaging effects of weathering. Cladding Coatings have a variety of refurbishment services carried out by our expert team, to protect your cladding from mother nature. Our shopfront spraying services brighten up your building by coating them in your brand colour, as like our roof coating service. We can brighten up those roof lights with our roof refurbishment and clean out your gutters too. Our cut edge corrosion treatment can repair those cracks and stop leaks from effecting your building. And all of our services are backed up by our 10 year guarantee, so unlike the weather, this is something you trust.

Don’t let your building be beaten by the seasons, get in touch with us and we will carry out a free site survey to see how we can protect your property and refurbish your weathered cladding!

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