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Winter is Coming

The colder months are fast approaching and our team are now preparing for our professional winter services. Even in winter, our specialist services are carried out with precision and quality – the freezing temperatures are no match for our professional services. What refurbishment services can we carry out during the winter months?

Floor Painting –  Our professional and affordable floor painting service will have your floor looking revitalised and protect it from further damage for the next five years. We use high-quality floor coating systems which are ideal for heavy-duty environments where industrial equipment is commonplace. We have a broad range of colours to choose from with the option of additional line markings and pathways available.

Cladding Cleaning – By cleaning the cladding of your building, you are extending the life of the paint system and enabling your building to become self-cleaning, reducing your maintenance cycles and saving you money for years to come. Cladding Coatings offer a variety of cladding cleaning and restoration services to improve the appearance of your industrial building. Services include roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, wall cladding cleaning and door and window cleaning.

Cladding Repair -Our specialist team is able to carry out cladding repair services on a wide variety of buildings and material types. We can repair cut edge corrosion or any other external damages and respray on-site leaving your external walls looking like new again. Cladding repair is not limited to metal sheeting but other types of cladding materials can be repaired including wood and masonry

Gutter Refurbishment – We specialise in the maintenance and repair of guttering and will increase the life expectancy of your guttering system. We will clean out your gutters, re-seal any joints internally and apply a liquid fibre coating which forms a protective lining. Using the industry leading coating system from Tor Coatings. Elastaseal™ HD gutter system provides long term waterproofing solutions to a wide range of gutters.

Rooflight Refurbishment – We specialise in the repair & refurbishment industrial of roof lights and can significantly increase the lifespan of your roof lights, whilst also reducing the cost of your electricity and improving your natural light. Our industrial coating services provide cleaning, sealing and applying a three coat glaze which stops dirt and debris from sticking to the roof lights. This means the roof lights remain cleaner for longer periods of time with the added benefits of natural light exposure and reduced lighting expenses.

We are available to carry out any work you require during your business’ Christmas shut down period so that you can continue with business as usual with minimal disruption.

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