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Winter Warehouse Warnings

The cold, icy weather is upon is and the frost is beginning to bite. You are enjoying the nice, cosy warmth inside your building, whilst the outside is suffering and fighting the elements. Without the proper protection, areas of your building are exposed to the bad weather which can lead to extreme damage to your facade. Attacking the walls, roof, guttering, doors and all areas of the building, the icy winter weather is the worst offender for building impairments. There are several issues to a building that are likely to be caused by the harsh winter weather, but thanks to Cladding Coatings there are solutions to these problems.

The issue – Cut Edge Corrosion 

Cut edge corrosion occurs to the metal sheets where they overlap; it describes the breakdown of the cut edge on metal cladding sheets on the walls or roofs of a building. It is most common in damp, cold conditions much like the weather we experience during winter. Exposed sheets are open to the elements, which is when weathering and ageing occurs and eats away at the metal sheets, leaving them rusty, unprotected and unsightly.

Cut Edge Corrosion TreatmentThe Treatment – Cute Edge Corrosion Repair

Cladding Coatings offer professional cut edge corrosion treatments that will transform, renovate and re-protect the cladding, covering the currently corroded areas and sealing them so further deterioration does not occur. We use the highly protective Tor Elastaseal™ system to cover the corrosion, preventing it from spreading and worsening.

The Issue – Paint fading

The wintery weather sees an awful lot of rain. It is estimated the the rainiest months of the year are between December and March, this rain however comes with its problems. Rain water is a regular offender of paint fading. The force of the rain wears away the once vibrant colour of the clad building, leaving it dull, dingy and often miss-matched.

The Treatment – On-site Spraying

Luckily this is something a fresh coat of weather protective paint can fix easily- and something Cladding Coatings offer as part of their service package. Our specialist team can re-coat and re-paint the walls of clad and masonry buildings, as well as doors, gutters and roofs, providing them with a fresh, clean coat of paint. Thanks to the highly protective system which we use, we can offer a 10-year quality guarantee, so your building can look as good as new for a whole decade.

Gutter before cleaningThe Issue – Gutter damage

During the Autumn and Winter season, the leafs have fallen from the trees and have gotten trapped in the gutter systems. Sadly this issue is often out of sight and out of mind and is left untreated. It only becomes apparent when further damages such as water overflow due to clogged gutters or corrosion on the gutter lining occurs. However, when neglected it only worsens the issue and creates a more permanent and costly damages. As more leaves and water stay in your gutters this will also cause additional weight putting the down the pipes under pressure, which can lead to them collapsing.

The Treatment – Gutter Repair

Cladding Coatings provides gutter cleaning, coating and repair services. We use the industry leading coating system which provides long-term waterproofing solutions to a wide range of gutters – this can be used when the gutters have become worn, the paint has started to flake away and corrosion has begun to occur. Whilst repairing the gutters we will also clean them, removing the leaf and dirt build up, allowing for a freshly cleaned gutter system where water can flow at ease.

These issues are built up over the winter months and should be treated promptly and effectively to avoid future irreversible damages. Call us today to book your FREE site survey and lets kick the winter blues!

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