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Coating Systems Available

Service excellence is something we take very seriously here at Cladding Coatings, and we are always striving not just to achieve but to surpass our high-standards.

We pride ourselves on carrying out each and every one of our services with the greatest skill, care and precision, ensuring we deliver only the finest results for our clients. This expert finish is assured in two primary ways.

Firstly, we have an incredible team of industry experts, trained and retained in-house. The team carry out all their work professionally and efficiently, with outstanding results. Secondly, we are proudly able to meet optimal finish standards by ensuring we use only the best quality products produced by leading industry manufacturers.

Our many years of experience and unrivalled industry knowledge allows us to select only the finest manufacturers to work alongside. This extensive understanding of the roofing and cladding industry ensures we can accurately assess the condition of a building’s exterior and its state of deterioration. This analysis results in a thorough understanding of the best system to use for each individual building.

An essential part of this assessment is an understanding of the environmental factors that affect your building. Both property type and location can cause varying degrees of weathering, and the exterior needs to be treated accordingly to withstand the test of time. The Cladding Coatings team is trained to ISO:12944 standards, which certifies on the assessment of the environment for paints and wall coverings. We use this classification system (which you can read more about in detail here) to determine the appropriate most paint system for your building.

As all projects differ, it is imperative that each is approached individually. Therefore, here at Cladding Coatings we use a broad range of industry-leading approved refurbishment systems, from corrosion treatments to specialist paints, to ensure we apply only the most suitable system to each unique facade.

Coatings Systems Available

Tor Elastaseal

Tor Elastaseal is a waterproofing, cold-liquid solution designed to offer long-term protection to flat roofs, gutters and pitched roofs.

We also use Tor Coatings Elastaseal HD Gutter System for the majority of our gutter cleaning, coating and repair services due to its long-term waterproofing properties and its smooth mid-sheen finish.

Sharmans Seamsil

Seamsil is a silicone-based system and treatment formulated specifically to prevent the adverse effects of rust and chemical corrosion, industrial pollution, ageing, and weathering, and is particularly effective in marine/coastal environments.

Seamsil seals the damaged lap joint area, preventing further water ingress and therefore providing maximum protection against future corrosion and damage.

Sharmans Delcote

Delcote is an architectural coating system, used during our cut edge corrosion repair service. This coating is applied as a base and a top coat after the seamsil system has been installed to the cut edge of the metal sheets.

Delcote is a form of paint system that seals and protects the metal sheets on the walls and roofs.

Sharmans Delglaze

Delglaze is used when carrying out roof refurbishments. Delglaze is applied to the rooflights rather than to the clad sheets on the roof.

When the system is applied to the rooflights, it helps protect against weathering, cracking and peeling due to its exceptional high strength qualities.


Giromax products specialise in the treatment of cut edge corrosion at sheet overlaps and edges.

There are numerous suppliers within the construction industry that offer long-term protective solutions to combat the deterioration of the building envelope and related structures. Giromax is one of these suppliers that help maintain and protect commercial properties with UV and corrosion resistant technology.

Rust-Oleum Noxyde

Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a water-based, single-component, elastomeric coating. Noxyde’s unrivalled rust-proofing, corrosion and waterproofing properties on metal, cladding and roofing has been proven in some of the most aggressive environments in the world.

This tried and tested system is our go-to choice, due to the excellent corrosion protection, waterproofing and 200% elasticity properties; which means the paint will not crack or peel when the metal it is applied to shrinks or expands.

Plygene Gutterline

Sharmans, Plygene Gutterline system is a highly protective gutter lining structure providing a “gutter within a gutter” effect.

This gutter lining system is seamless in its design and will eliminate the need for challenging joints that corrode and fail.

Rust-Oleum Metal cladding Top Coat

Designed for use on metal cladding, the topcoat is perfect for protecting your building’s facade from corrosion, rust, and weathering: improving exterior life expectancy.

It’s a water-based product, low in VOC, with high-filling and hiding power. As it is easy to clean and maintain, and applied easily with a brush, roller or spray.


Advantage is a hybrid system for industrial and commercial roof refurbishment. It is suitable for a wide range of roof surfaces and guttering, and is particularly effective on metal roofs.

The unique properties of Advantage mean it is both light and strong. Its individual chemical composition means it is moisture-tolerant, so can be applied in damp conditions: increasing opportunities and scope of work with minimal day-to-day disruptions. Advantage is also fully recoatable so can be applied in stages, unlike many other coating systems.

Advantage Graphene

Advantage Graphene has been developed with industry-leading anti-corrosion properties designed for metal roofs.

Graphene forms an almost completely impenetrable barrier. This means water, debris or any other small molecule finds it almost impossible to bypass the graphene, providing ultimate building protection. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, despite being the thinnest material known to exist. It is lightweight, meaning there’s minimal additional weight on your roof once it has been applied. It is also versatile and can be applied in damp conditions, maintaining breathability with high weather, UV and impact resistance.

Rust-oleum 7500 AlkythaneⓇ

7500 AlkythaneⓇ has exceptional anti-corrosion properties. It has an extremely high-performing corrosion resistant topcoat, and is incredibly effective when applied in highly-corrosive areas, such as those of high salinity (like coastal metal-clad properties).

It is also easy to apply, with excellent flow, aspect and opacity. The surface must first be fully cleaned and then primed, ready for application, which can be done in temperatures as low as 5 deg c. The system’s great versatility means it will also dry completely in these low temperatures; therefore, its weather-resistant properties make it excellent for use in unpredictable climates.

Giromax Girocote®️

Giromax’s high-performance products are created with repair and refurbishment projects in mind, seeking to minimise the need for costly and disruptive replacement works.

Girocote®️ is designed to extend the life of metal wall cladding coating, with simplicity, efficiency and optimal performance values in mind. When metal cladding becomes worn, tired and dull, Girocote®️ provides a high-sheen renovation.

Quick and easy to apply, it is ideal for low-disruption projects where timescales are of concern.

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