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Expert application of the finest industry systems ensures we maintain our exceptionally high-standards here at Cladding Coatings. To choose the best system for your unique project needs, we select from a range of our tried, tested and trusted suppliers’ systems.

We’ve been introducing you to these across a range of System Focus blog posts. Today, we turn our attention to Girocote®️ by Giromax. Giromax are industry leaders in supplying systems for the refurbishment and protection of commercial roofing and cladding. Giromax’s high-performance products are created with repair and refurbishment projects in mind, seeking to minimise the need for costly and disruptive replacement works.

As an industry-leading system designed for ultimate protection, Girocote® is a natural choice for many of our projects. We use a number of their products, including Girosil Roofcoat RC, which you can learn a little more about here.

Girocote®️ is designed to extend the life of metal wall cladding coating, with simplicity, efficiency and optimal performance values in mind. When metal cladding becomes worn, tired and dull, Girocote®️ provides a high-sheen renovation. Quick and easy to apply, it is ideal for low-disruption projects where timescales are of concern as it can be sprayed, rolled or painted. We use Gircote® for roof, gutter and wall cladding.

Made using an anti-corrosive, high-opacity primer, Girocote® delivers ultimate protection that eliminates the need for expensive replacement works – perfectly aligned with our repair and refurbish ethos. Its total protection properties form an impenetrable defence, providing ultimate coating against the elements, including in high-salinity coastal locations with significant build-up of dirt and debris.

Girocote® delivers a mid-sheen finish and comes in a range of RAL and British Standard colours, allowing us to choose from a wealth of options to best suit each client’s individual requirements.

Naturally, Giromax systems are an ideal fit for us here at Cladding Coatings, and we proudly use their products in our renovation projects as approved system installers. Take a look here at an example of Giromax in use.

To find out more about the systems we use, and which may be best suited for your building, call our team. We’d be happy to chat through the options that are right for your project.

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