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Jotun Paint Systems

Jotun is a world leading paint and coatings manufacturer, they produce a wide selection of paint systems that protect surfaces and provide a great finish.

Jotun Paints supply products for demanding environments at inland or off-shore locations: Airports, Cargo Buildings, Bridges, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Chemical Plants, Fertiliser Plants, Mining Structures, Offshore Structures, Marine Environments and Vessels, and many more.

For almost a century the long established manufacturer has be producing paint systems to protect people, communities and the environment.

When we choose which paint systems to work with, we select the best products from the best manufacturers to ensure that the job is done correctly and with a professional-looking finish.

Using a reputable supplier is essential to ensuring the best results when painting a surface. Quality coatings, and supplies from a trusted source will ensure that the job looks great if applied correctly.

Professional-grade paints and coatings are designed to last longer and hold up to wear and tear better than lower-grade materials.

Jotun products include primers, top coats, marine paints, floor paints, specialist coatings and many more. We use the Jotun brand due to their trusted reputation, specialist development of their systems and their sustainability efforts. Their products are durable, high performing and excellent quality.

The advantages of using high-quality paint is that it’s effective, long lasting and looks great . High-quality paint requires fewer coats to achieve an even finish and can last years longer with proper maintenance.

It also won’t blister, peel or chip off as easily as lower quality paint, meaning it will last much longer before the surface coating starts to deteriorate. Another advantage of using high-quality paint is that it is much easier to clean and it’s more resistant to fading.

Cladding Coatings

We recently used a Jotun primer at Mason Brothers in Lincolnshire. This project showed serious signs of corrosion which has been affected adversely by the environment in its location. As Jotun products are perfect for a harsher environment, we selected this system to ensure the longevity of the finish and for long term protection.

Read more about Jotun products here.

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