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System Focus – Plygene Gutterline

Across our range of services for building refurbishment, we use several products from HD Sharman. Used during our roofing refurbishment work are Seamsil, Delcote and Delglaze. On gutter refurbishment work we use Plygene Gutterline which is also supplied by Sharmans.

Plygene Gutterline is specially formulated to restore deteriorating gutter systems. Plygene has been skillfully engineered to guarantee leak and weather corrosion prevention. This Sharman’s gutter repair coating is the only BBA (British Board of Agrément) approved gutter lining system specifically manufactured to restore and preserve gutter performance for industrial and commercial buildings.

Plygene Gutterline is a unique and effective solution to gutter replacement, it offers a bespoke solution with minimal building disruption. The highly protective gutter lining structure provides a “gutter within a gutter” effect. This gutter lining system is seamless in its design and will eliminate the need for challenging joints that corrode and fail primarily because of thermal movement across seasonal cycles over several years.

Plygene is the market and industry leading gutter system, providing unrivalled resistance to damage, with excellent airtightness and durability providing the solution with exceptionally high-performance standards. It is made from an incredibly strong thermoplastic blend engineered specifically for the gutter environment, making it the ideal solution for gutter maintenance and repair.

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