System Focus: Sharmans’ Seamsil

Sharmans’ Seamsil 15-year cut edge corrosion system is one of the leading systems available on the market that is endorsed by leading steel manufacturers.  Seamsil comes with a 15-year system guarantee and is engineered for the roofing environment using inorganic Alkoxy technology to prevent chalking and deterioration.

The problems of delamination and deterioration of coatings still present a risk to the integrity of roof structures and performance.  The cut edge and overlapped joint remains especially vulnerable to weatherization, causing the double hazard of ‘topside’ and ‘reverse side’ corrosion.

Seamsil is a silicone-based system and treatment formulated specifically to prevent the adverse effects of rust and chemical corrosion, industrial pollution, ageing, and weathering, and is particularly effective in marine/coastal environments. Seamsil seals the damaged lap joint area, preventing further water ingress and therefore providing maximum protection against future corrosion and damage.

This silicone-based remedial treatment completely encapsulates the damaged lap joint area preventing further water ingress and as a result, provides maximum protection against future reverse side corrosion.

Seamsil has exceptional adhesion to cleaned and prepared surfaces and cures to provide a robust, elastic seal which encapsulates the damaged area to restrict further deterioration.

By encompassing GE Silicone technology, Seamsil is unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.  Also, it is highly elastic and has excellent flexible properties, even in the most aggressive environments.

Sharman’s Seamsil system stands at the forefront of the industry with many exceptional key performance features, such as:

  • Weather and UV resistance
  • Proven corrosion resistance
  • Water repellent seal
  • Primerless adhesion
  • Remains tough and flexible
  • Long life protection in elasticity and encapsulation
  • Technology has natural anti-corrosion weather resistance.

Sharman’s Seamsil is the market-leading proven performer from a trusted brand, which is endorsed and used by leading steel manufacturers and construction specialists. It is the ideal and obvious choice to use during our refurbishment processes, producing excellent, quality and lasting results we are happy to put our name to!

If you are looking for an experienced company to look at cut edge corrosion treatment for your building, contact us today.  Cladding Coatings offer free, no-obligation onsite surveys and quotations.


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