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System Focus: Tor Elastaseal

Cladding Coatings flat roof refurbishment service uses industry-leading technology that is unrivalled, offering significant benefits over traditional sheet roofing materials.  Our go-to system for flat roof refurbishment is Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ Roof Coating System.  Tor Elastaseal is a waterproofing, cold-liquid solution designed to offer long-term protection to flat roofs, gutters and pitched roofs.

We also use Tor Coatings Elastaseal HD Gutter System for the majority of our gutter cleaning, coating and repair services due to its long-term waterproofing properties and its smooth mid-sheen finish.

Our specialist roof coating service that uses the Tor Elastaseal system extends the life of the roof by being elastomeric and UV stable.  Its seamless finish is highly resistant to ponded water which gives ultimate protection against possible leaks.  One of the properties that makes Elastaseal superior to other brands is the product still allows the roof to breathe which prevents condensation.

This system was specifically developed to solve problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of flat roofs, gutters and pitched roofs.  The Tor system guarantees a flexible, durable and long-lasting protection, which in return allows us to offer our customers a fantastic, ten-year guarantee on the services we carry out.

By using this liquid-finish application rather than a traditional felt application, it is much quicker and gives a consistently better finish; especially on complex or detailed surfaces.

For a great example of where we have used Tor Elastaseal to complete a large roof coating project, check out our case study on the Proctor and Gamble facility.

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