Cut Edge Corrosion in Newcastle

When your building is exposed to the elements, the cut edge of the metal cladding sheeting begins to peel back, and then deteriorate. In northern coastal industrial cities, such as Newcastle, this problem is particularly prevalent.

The breakdown is known as cut-edge corrosion, and must be treated to prevent extensive damage to your property. If left in a state of disrepair, water can enter the building and damage both the exterior cladding and interior contents.

What is Cut Edge Corrosion?

At the edge of metal sheet, where they have been cut, no paint covers the metal leaving it exposed to the elements. This starts to corrode over time. If left untreated the corrosion continues and works back into the sheet eating away at it. This can also happen around fixing holes and other areas where the metal sheet is cut through. Once corrosion has started it will not stop and it must be treated or will result in the metal sheet being replaced eventually.

When choosing a unit to house your business, location is a significant factor. However, the right site may require compromises to be made. This was the case for Tripak, who chose a warehouse located in a prominent position on the Crowther Industrial Estate complex in the Gateshead area of Newcastle.

The various paint systems used by the building’s former owners had appeared to fail, resulting in cut-edge corrosion and visible bare metal. After research, Tripak chose local experts Cladding Coatings; working from our Newcastle base, we were able to carry out prompt and professional cut-edge corrosion repair work.

How is Cut Edge Corrosion treated?

At Cladding Coatings, we apply Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex – an industry leading system – to treat the damage of the metal cladding. As approved Tor Partners, we ensure expertly installed systems on which our team have received extensive training.

Once water begins to enter your building as a result of cut-edge corrosion disrepair, the decline can be rapid. Contact your local Cladding Coatings Newcastle team in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, on +44 (0)161 626 3493 today to organise a free visit to your site.

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