Cut-edge Corrosion Treatment in Durham

Various factors can cause the metal cladding on your building to deteriorate. One such cause is cut-edge corrosion: the breakdown of the cut-edge of your property’s cladding. Cut-edge corrosion is the result of multiple external factors, such as weather damage: a common problem in northern towns and cities, such as here in Durham. Once the cut-edge corrosion works its way into the metal cladding, subsequent weaknesses in the building’s structure result in water entering the building. Damaging, costly deterioration results.

To understand how cut-edge corrosion may be impacting your property, an experienced Cladding Coatings assessor can visit your site to review the damage. An assessor from our Jarrow base near Durham recently attended the nearby Fugro Engineering Services site and discovered that the roof was soiled and corroding at sheet ends. After quoting to repair the damaged sheeting, the Cladding Coatings team began work on improving the appearance and functionality of the site, cleaning and coating the roof using the Rust-Oleum Noxyde system.

As approved TOR partners, our specialist cut-edge corrosion team have multiple years of experience using the Tor Elastaseal system, of which we are trained applicators. This leading system is safe, durable and easy to apply.

If you are concerned that your building may be suffering from the effects of cut-edge corrosion damage, simply call our Durham office team on +44 (0)161 626 3493. A friendly and experienced assessor can arrange a visit to your commercial site, and provide an expert opinion on your building’s corrosion damage.

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