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A Floor Coating that Stand The Test of Time

As the colder seasons fast approach us, we recommend you start looking at what is on the inside of your building. Over the past few months, we have focused heavily on external refurbishments and the transformation of your facade, however, your internal decoration should be just as well maintained as your exterior!

Your internal walls aren’t subject to the same deterioration effects as your external ones, they are not effected by weathering or corrosion, although ageing is still a concerning factor in deterioration. Typically your external walls will be you lowest maintenance internal area, the area that is commonly most damaged is your floor! Industrial floors are exposed to various different levels of pressure, footfall and weights, due to this excessive motion, wear and tear can occur. This is especially common in areas that have a lot of footfall or where heavy machinery is used e.g. warehouses and distribution centres.

Internal Flooring and Decoration

These problem primarily cause negative appearance issues, however as the damage develops, it can soon become a hazard and turn into a health and safety risk! Worn areas of the floor can cause holes which will create trip risks, which can be dangerous to staff and customers.  Worn coatings can also remove any protection to slip risks, which can mean these now become far more common and likely to occur. The safety of your employees and customers should be paramount in a business, any potential unsafe areas of the workplace should be repaired – this could well be your industrial floor!

The tell tales signs your floor is ready for a refurbishment is worn coating or paint, a increasingly slippery surface, cracks or tears in the floor and holes or other noticeable damages. This is when it is time to call in Cladding Coatings. Allow us to assess your floor, carrying out an evaluation of the level of damage that has occurred in order to suggest the best form of treatment.  Our expert team will use high-quality floor coating systems to renovate the damaged floor, using a highly protective paint coating system which is ideal for heavy-duty environments. This new paint layer will transform the appearance of your building whilst producing a high-strength, hard-wearing floor which will withstand the effects of excessive footfall and heavy machinery.

Whether you want a glossy or matte finish, we have an array of colours that can match any requests or branding requirements. We can also work around your work schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your working day.

Don’t neglect your floor, why not give us a call on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or to organise a free site visit to your premises, where we can discuss and assess your situation in detail and provide you with a floor that will stand the test of time, back by our 10 year guarantee! Contact us today.

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