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Approved installers of the WeatherFOLD gutter system

With the everchanging Great British weather, it’s a good idea to make sure that your buildings gutter system is in correct working order so that when the torrential downpours come, your building is well prepared and well protected.

Guttering is often an area that gets overlooked on a building, yet it is one area that you need to pay close attention to. If gutters become blocked or damaged, they can fail to perform, meaning that any water they usually collect and divert away from your property doesn’t drain away from your property correctly.

Water trapped by debris in the gutter system can cause the gutter system to corrode and deteriorate, making it prone to leaks. Failing guttering can also prevent water from draining from your roof, leading to more costly refurbishment works, including metal roof repair. If damage is too severe, your building may need cladding replacement.

You may think that damaged guttering is hard to see, but we can highlight any issues and tackle any problems before they get worse with our detailed on-site surveys and drone surveys.

Cladding Coatings

What is WeatherFOLD?

Refurbishing your gutter system and installing a bespoke gutter liner such as WeatherFOLD by WeatherFAST can ensure that your gutter system is working to optimal standards and diverting water away from your property as it should be.

The WeatherFOLD system is designed to be used on commercial and industrial gutter systems. The Fatra 1.2mm PVC membrane has a 0.6mm steel base liner which is designed to withstand heavy traffic and corrosion. It comes in 3000mm lengths with a built-in 75mm end lap. This durable gutter system comes with a guarantee of 25 years and it offers waterproofing for up to 30 years, giving you the ultimate peace of mind in the quality and longevity of your gutter refurbishment.

Where has it been used?

West Bromwich Stadium Gutter Lining

Cladding Coatings are an approved installer of the WeatherFOLD gutter system. Examples of where the WeatherFOLD system has been installed on Cladding Coatings’ projects include Synertec, Warrington and a large-scale project at West Bromwich Albion Football Stadium.

Synertec in Warrington had multiple aspects of external refurbishment completed at their industrial unit, including roof refurbishment and gutter refurbishment. Their gutter system showed signs of deterioration that needed attention before problems got any worse. Cladding Coatings were able to clear all debris from the existing gutter system and install a new WeatherFAST steel-based liner. The guttering now effectively drains and diverts water away from Synertec’s newly refurbished metal roof and wall cladding.

How is it installed?

The process of installing the WeatherFOLD gutter system is fast and efficient. It starts with clearing debris and preparing the surface ensuring it is clean for the new gutter lining system. All measurements are taken at the quotation stage of the project so that when the materials arrive on-site, they are ready to fit. All joints and hinges are carefully welded for a neat and watertight finish. For an approved installer such as Cladding Coatings, this means we can work on-site quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to you and your daily business operations.

You can always rest assured knowing that the services we offer and the systems we use are of the highest quality and come backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee. The WeatherFAST Gutter lining system has a 25-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your gutter refurbishment will stand the test of time.

Cladding Coatings are proud to be an approved installer of this innovative, high-performance gutter system. You can take a look at our other roof refurbishment services here.

If you would like to know more about our services or if you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team of cladding refurbishment experts. Alternatively, you can request a free site survey or quotation here.

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