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April Showers: Secure your guttering against rainfall damage

Cladding Coatings

Secure your guttering and be prepared for April showers with Cladding Coatings’ roof coating and gutter coating systems that protect your building, no matter the forecast.

The weather here in the UK is certainly a force to be reckoned with. This Easter, we’ve seen temperatures rise above 20 degrees at the end of March, followed by snowfall to end the Easter weekend.

It’s hard to keep up with the forecast. Yet you can make sure your building is ready, whatever the weather. And when the famous April showers are looking increasingly likely, a water-tight façade is an essential part of your external building maintenance.

Debris build-up: why gutter maintenance is crucial

Military base Gutter Before

Making sure your guttering is able to do its job is essential. Guttering is easily blocked with dirt and debris. This is a particular concern after the winter months with their poorer weather. It’s also a significant problem if your building is located close to trees or other foliage, where leaves can easily make their way into your guttering.

These blockages prevent your guttering from diverting water away from your roof. The problem is then water build-up, adding pressure to your guttering and roof and causing damage to your property. To solve this, our extensive gutter repair and refurbishment options include gutter cleaning, multi-layer gutter coating using industry-leading systems (such as the Tor Coatings’ Elastaseal™ HD Gutter System), and resealing internal joints for optimal protection.

Gutter lining: the ultimate rainfall protection

Of course, at times your guttering might need a little more repair work to make sure it’s good as new. That’s why we’ve added gutter lining to our portfolio. Gutter lining repairs gutter system damage to fix the cracks and holes that cause leaks. It protects your building inside and out, as a cheap, less disruptive solution to full guttering replacement.

In fact, we’ve recently been approved as verified installers of the new WeatherFAST system, WeatherFOLD: a hard physical metal liner designed for use on commercial and industrial gutter systems to make them like new again. Take a look at how we successfully installed this system last April at West Bromwich Albion Football Stadium, with before and after photos to showcase the impressive results.

Plan ahead: a gutter maintenance schedule for peace of mind

Keeping one step ahead of the weather saves you from long-term hassle. If you’re a building owner or facilities manager in charge of property upkeep, why not schedule an assessment as part of your external building maintenance schedule?

At Cladding Coatings, our experienced team can put a personal plan together for your property, making sure everything you need is covered. This includes a gutter maintenance schedule, based on your property’s condition, its location, and your needs. Alongside our minimum ten-year guarantee, it’s another way our expertise and attention to detail gives you total peace of mind.

From roof coating to gutter lining, we have the answer to your building’s rainfall problems. Give our expert team a call this spring for a no-obligation chat about your project at your property, and we’ll put a plan together to make sure your building is safe, secure and ready for summer.

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