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Attract the tenants you want at the right price

Boost your commercial unit’s rentability, and your property’s price, with a commercial painting project from Cladding Coatings.

You’re no doubt hearing a great deal in the news of late about property prices. In fact, you’ve probably seen evidence of the rise in selling prices and the increased demand overall.

As a building owner, this is a great news, especially if you’re looking to rent your commercial unit. Now we’re heading back towards what we know as a more ‘normal’ life, many companies are now looking to move back into offices, meet increased warehouse facility demands, or find new premises to match a new offering.

Industrial Unit Blyth

However, if your commercial unit is tired, worn and uncared for, chances are you’re putting off potential tenants. Even if they do reach offer stage, a surveyor is likely to pull up problems, noticing build up of dirt or debris or corroding cladding.

Help is at hand. Here at Cladding Coatings, we’ve highlighted the most common issues we see with a commercial rental unit that’s needing some of our specialist commercial painting to restore it to its former glory. Make sure you attract the right new tenants by looking out for:

Dirty cladding

• Dirt and debris: the unpredictable British climate, the passing of time and even the tiniest amount of neglect can cause residue and grime to build up on your façade. Cladding cleaning gives your commercial unit that perfect refresh, ready for rental.

• Leaves and foliage: dirt build-up is also a problem for your guttering systems. Blockages stop them from doing their essential job of diverting water from your roof, which can cause standing water build-up. Our gutter cleaning services make sure your system performs and removes unsightly dirt build-up.

• Tired paintwork: a dull, worn property doesn’t look appealing, and is far more difficult to re-let or attract new tenants to. Our onsite spraying service solves the problem quickly and easily, with an expert application of the latest industry-leading systems for a smart, on-brand finish.

• Hidden problems: it’s easy to miss what you can’t see. But roof problems can be huge, with cut-edge corrosion causing metal cladding sheeting to fail. Our roof coating service accesses the areas you can’t, assuring you of property safety even from above.

Before Roof Repair and Painting

Of course, as a building owner, pressures of life and work may prevent you from being able to check your property’s condition as often as you’d like. That’s why we can work with you, or with your project or facilities manager, to create a planned maintenance schedule. They’re completely free of charge, and makes sure everything is in tip-top conditions for your tenants. And don’t forget, all our work is backed by a guarantee of 10-years, minimum.

If you’re looking to attract new tenants to your commercial rental unit, or keen to encourage existing tenants to stay and pay a higher price, we can deliver the façade finish that makes your property welcoming and safe. Book your free site survey today, with no obligation

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