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Autumnal Colour Schemes for Metal Cladding

It’s October, Autumn is in full swing, and the weather has now turned very cold. Time for the warming colours of reds, golden browns, yellow, deep orange and forest greens undertones.

But you wouldn’t choose your building colour scheme simply based on these autumnal colours would you? Unlikely, so we have hand picked some of our previous projects that display these colours to celebrate all that is autumn. So, immerse yourself in the autumn palette, let it inspire you, and create a building that is unique.

The most recent project completed in warming colours was Siroflex, based in South Yorkshire. This project boasted a lovely red colour. The warm colour was applied to the windows, doors and trims on this property. The vertical columns were also painted in this eye catching colour which really makes this building stand out.

Cladding Coatings

JCB Transmissions in Wrexham had a green coating applied to the external walls. This wasn’t a new colour on this building however the old paint was in a poor condition and required recoating. The green was suited the company branding and the environment the property was surrounded by.

Cladding Coatings

Mason Brothers, Boston required one of their storage buildings coating to the external walls. It was recoated in a dark green colour to revive the façade and bring the building back to life. The green is a perfect colour for this building it looks great against its natural environment.

Cladding Coatings

Eccles Cakes, Ardwick, Lancashire have a clear brand and the building needed to match that. An earthy brown colour was used to compliment the yellow in their logo and on the doors of the property. The colours look great together, a perfect match.

Eccles Cakes External Refurbishment

Cetix in Rotherham is another brown coloured project we have completed. The external walls of this building were coated on site and the building was refurbished, which included the roof, gutters and roller shutter doors.

Cladding Coatings

The military green and yellow trims applied to the Toyvend Warehouse in Rubgy is another wall cladding refurbishment completed by our team. The complimentary colour scheme worked well for their brand and the end result looked superb.

External Facade Refurbishment Toyvend in Rugby
External Facade Refurbishment Toyvend in Rugby

Britannia Willis in Skipton was a project completed several years ago, yet we still remember the lovely green finish applied to the roof and wall on this property. Sitting in the pretty rural landscape it eased the building into its environment nicely.

Britannia Willis Storage Facility Completed On-site Spraying

If reds, yellows and greens are too strong for you, for a more subtle look, you could consider shades like taupe or warm grey that can complement the natural autumn tones without overpowering them. These colours can create a harmonious balance, making your property blend naturally with its surroundings.

Autumn colours though are more than just a seasonal trend; they embody the essence of the season itself with warmth, comfort, and a sense of welcoming. By incorporating these colours into your wall cladding coating, you can embrace the autumn spirit and transform your property that celebrates the season’s beauty and welcomes your clients and customers all year round.

In the end, the choice of colour is a personal one or is completely determined by your business branding, not the season. We hope this has inspired you when choosing your colour scheme on your property.

Some of our services you might need this autumn include roof coating, wall coating, gutter refurbishment, window and door painting and cut edge corrosion. You can call us to arrange a free site visit at your property and we can provide a no obligation quotation and our recommendation on any work that needs to be carried out. Contact us on 0161 626 3493 or email

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