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Building Impairments To Look Out For

Regular maintenance is key to a functional, safe and attractive building. However, we understand that if you aren’t experts in the field of refurbishment, it is often difficult to understand what to look out for during your maintenance checks. We always advice to do a full internal and external check of your building at least once a year, this is due to the ever-changing weather conditions and natural ageing that can have some unfortunate effects on your premises.

There are many other contributing factors such as manual handling and wear and tear that effect your buildings structure and facade too, which should not be neglected. We have listed a few red flags to watch out for, that will show you it’s time for a building refurbishment!

Corrosion and Rust –  Cladding Coatings

Corrosion and rust damage is one of the most common, and problematic issues on a metal clad building. This type of damage usually occurs on the cut edge sheets of the walls or roofs, but can also effect the guttering and drainage. Corrosion not only leaves areas of your building looking unsightly, but also weakens the structure of the facade and in extreme cases can cause wall or roof collapsing. Once corrosion has begun, the spread of the deterioration will take place at an extreme rate, which is why once it has been identified it must be treated promptly.

Treatment: Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

Cladding CoatingsWorn Paint – 

A painted clad building can be an excellent commodity, not only does it create a more attractive and better looking building, by using the right paint systems, it can also give excellent UV and weather protection. In spite of these qualities, they can soon turn in to negatives with the effects of ageing and weathering which unfortunately will ware off your paint and your building will become patchy. Meaning your once nicely painted and protected facade is no-more!

Treatment: On-site Spraying


Cladding Coatings

Dirt Build Up –

Believe it or not the outside of your building is just as prone to dirt build up as the inside and needs just as much cleaning care and attention. Just like corrosion and paint fading, the hazardous effect of time and weather means that dirt, muck and excess, cling to the walls and roofs of your premises. Location can also play a part in dirt build up – pollution, sand, dust and leaves are all attracted to your building! It is important to clean the exterior of your unit, as well as tidy up the inside, not just to allow for a beautified, clean facade but to avoid the effects of more serious and permanent damages.

Treatment: Cladding Cleaning

Luckily these problems are no match for our expert refurbishment team! Our specialist building renovation services can treat any of the above problems, repairing all damages and building impairments, allowing your building to be fully functioning, well protected and attractive once again!  If you don’t have time to inspect your premises yourself, give us a call – we will come to site, free of charge and examine all areas of your building, providing you with in depth solutions for any areas that need attention and treatment! Get in touch today, and leave the maintenance to Cladding Coatings.

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