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Building maintenance work around your business operations

Make sure your business stays moving with Cladding Coatings working around your day-to-day operations at a time to suit you.

Disruption to your daily operations is one of the biggest barriers to external building maintenance and refurbishment work. We understand: keeping your business moving is fundamental to your operations, expectations and overall success.

That said, it’s vital that building maintenance work is completed. Of course, if your building falls into a state of disrepair, such as cut-edge corrosion on your roof allowing water to enter, or peeling and cracking paint work preventing your factory doors from opening properly, your operations will be negatively affected. Therefore, it’s crucial that the work is completed quickly and efficiently.

At Cladding Coatings, we pride ourselves on always working at time that best suits you: the client. From making sure factory doors are accessible at prime hours to avoiding high-value cars when onsite spraying using dry-fall paint at car showrooms, there’s a lot to consider. Here’s how we do it:

carrying out a drone survey

Safe and secure site surveys

The first thing we need to do before any project begins is assess your site. It gives us the chance to look objectively at your individual needs and provide a fair and fast quotation. Organising a survey around your operational needs may be challenging, but we’ll always do this at a time that’s right for you.

As well as our on-site surveys carried out free of charge, we also offer the option to pay a small fee for a drone survey. These drone surveys are carried out from a distance, so don’t require a single change to be made to your daily work schedule, making sure you get a personal quote with minimal input or disruption.

Experience working when your timings can’t change

At times, you might be able to make small adjustments to your working day when our team are on-site carrying out building maintenance. (For example, you may be able to use a different office access route if our team are currently repainting the front door.) Though it’s appreciated, it’s never expected – and there are times when this really is not possible.

Take for example our extensive, and growing, experience working with schools and education facilities. The timings of the school day simply cannot, and should not, budge. The welfare and education of students remains priority. Therefore, our school and academy clients know we will make sure all our work is completed outside of the school day, on evening and weekdays and during school holidays.

Military base project completed walls

Adapting our work to meet your needs

Your property and the way you operate is completely unique. That means you need an external building maintenance company, like Cladding Coatings, completely willing and able to adjust working processes to meet your needs.

To demonstrate this, take a look at our recent work on a Military Base. Every day at arrival on site, our team were fully searched. Naturally, this was an essential requirement of everyone entering the base, and something we wholeheartedly complied with. To support this need, we factored the 30-minute required time at the start of each day for this process, with project management and careful planning ensuring we adapted our working patterns to meet our client’s needs.

Making sure operations are smooth and efficient

The last 18 months has really brought to light the value the country places on distribution hubs and logistics facilities. They’ve certainly been the backbone that’s supported us access the things we need, so it’s increasingly vital they are able to operate fully whilst still undergoing the building maintenance work that is essential to staff safety and successful performance.

DHL Loading Bays after refurbishment

Our distribution hub and storage facility clients trust us to ensure that all work we carry out will be done with minimal disruption their day-to-day operations.

Find out how we’ve made sure our work is completed to unrivalled high standards whilst ensuring work continues as normal at units belonging to clients such as Howard Tenens and DHL.

We’ll always put the needs of you and your business first, committed to completing our work to the highest standards with minimal disruption to your operations.

To chat to our friendly, expert team about building maintenance and how we can do this at your unit, get in touch with us here at Cladding Coatings today.

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