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Cladding Coatings in 2014

We have had a very busy, exciting and successful year here at Cladding Coatings. Work has flourished, business has boomed and services have expanded and developed.
We are going to take a quick look back over the year and reminisce about our greatest 2014 moments.


Hertford Unit Refurbishment CompleteA new year saw lots of exciting things in the pipeline for Cladding Coatings and lots of new jobs were due to begin. The cold, damp January didn’t stop us from visiting and beginning work on-site. Preparations and began on our first project of the year, an office refurbishment at Hetford, where main contractor Opus 4 called Cladding Coatings to assist. The contract involved preparing and painting all the powder coated aluminium windows, doors, frames and panels both internally and externally. The finished results must have been good since we then got a contract for the neighbouring unit.


In February work was completed on the first Hertford office unit and work began next door. The refurbishment was carried out to attract new tenants to the building so we created a modern look with the hope that this property would become leased quicker. Our on-site spraying process was carried out to give the dull building a fresh new attractive look for potential viewers.

We also carried out an on-site survey at an old aircraft hanger site. We inspected the current condition of the roof and walls following the landlord recognising substantial de-lamination on one side of the roof. We checked the conditions of the cladding and the cut edge corrosion levels. Following our site survey we included a report within our quote detailing recommendations and suitable systems.


Chief Productions Manchester after refurbishmentMarch saw the completion of the external refurbishment to the Chief Production site in Media City, Manchester. The flaking paint and faded paint were in much need of attention. We carried out our on-site spraying service after a onsite survey was carried out by us. The client chose the colour scheme to suit their company branding, we sprayed the cladding, walls and roller shutter doors with this colour, leaving a modernised and more attractive building. Whilst on-site we also created a time lapse video of this process, see it here. The finished result was great – we will return to the site in the future to review its condition.


On-Site-Sample-serviceIn April we promoted offering our customers a free site survey, where at the initial site survey of your property or even portfolio of properties we will measure up and assess the conditions on site, from this we will make a report included with the quotation – we will also give our expert guidance on the area which need the most attention. We also carry out on-site samples. Can’t choose between 2 colours? We will carry out our free sample to a door, window or part of your cladding so you can see if this method is right for you. We are also happy to show you a wide range of references, if you wish to see work we have completed in the past we can visit it together. Finally there is the re-visits, we want to stick to our 10 year guarantee, so will pay regular re-visits to ensure work services are matching up to this. All these extra were introduced to make the process much easier for you, the client!


 In May we visited a site in Whitehaven to carry out a complimentary site visit – we completed a cladding panel on-site repair to some louvres. We were called to examine the damage and recommend a suitable system to repair the damage. We had taken away a sample and spoke amongst our technical contacts with our suppliers and between us we suggested the best system to use for the repair – another extra service which we are happy to provide.


Rooflight Experiment Water BeadsJune saw our rooflight experiment take place. We carried out a roof light experiment to identify the differences between coating a roof light externally with Rust-Oleum Vernac Gloss and an uncoated roof light on the same roof, to establish the effect of the coating on water run-off and dirt collection. The results were incredible, the difference between the 2 solutions was amazing to see.  Read about the full experiment here 

We also carried out our first site visit at the Aquinas College, Stockport where the wooden cladding to a external face of a college building had seen deterioration occurred quicker than intended – work would begin on this site over the next 2 months!


Tuffnells After On-Site SprayingBack in July we were pleased to announce we had become ContractorPlus accredited. This accreditation shows that we are carrying out any of our activities and jobs in accordance to health and safety regulations. We can assure you that any work we carry out is done safely and properly. Making out accreditations up to 6!

We also carried out the on-site spraying external refurbishment on parcel delivery firm Tuffnells Parcel Express, Blackburn. Cladding Caotings were invited on-site to change the colour scheme from a dull worn out blue, to a fresh vibrant green. The work on-site included metal wall cladding, fascias and loading doors spraying.Cladding Coatings started the work on site and completed within 7 working days.Tuffnells were so pleased they have now since placed 2 further orders and we look forward to this partnership continuing in the future.


Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Spraying RefurbishmentIn August we completed work on the Aquinas College site. Work began during the school holidays to refurbish the external wooden cladding, which was deteriorating far quicker than intended. We carried out our on-site spraying service on the building, and even carried out an on-site sample using two coatings in the Sikkens product range, in the initial stages. The college had opted for an opaque coating system as opposed to a translucent system, to achieve a uniform finish they were looking for. We protected the surrounds with masking tape, ensuring no paint run or dripping and used a scissor lift for access to the higher faces of the building. After the success of the refurbishment we have now added wooden cladding spraying to our services.


Gilberts-Blackpool-After-PaintingCladding Coatings were very busy in September. We were on-site in Blackpool refurbishing Gilberts, The air and ventilation systems company called Cladding Coatings in to refurbish their external walls. We carried out our on-site spraying service, giving their building a fresh new look and reforming the building’s image. The building was a brown colour but has now been lightened and refreshed with a grey and blue coating system.

We also introduced our zero degree coating system. We use Rust-Oleum paint Pegarust, to enable us application all year round, even in cold temperatures down to 0°C or on damp surfaces. It is able to dry even in humid conditions meaning we can apply it throughout the entire winter season, this means we can work all through the winter months just as capably. The systems glossy finish will not just protect your building in the freezing temperatures but bring life back to your dull and decaying building.

We did a few site revisits in September, we re-visited the North Seaton Industrial Estate, where we carried out our roof light experiment. We wanted to check how the roof lights which where cleaned and coated with rust-oleum vernac were doing. We were very pleased with the results and found no unexpected moss build up or decay.


October was another busy month,we began to work on some of our final projects of the year. We completed an external on-site spraying refurbishment job at a site at Nelson House, Timperley, Altrincham.The building is a modern office building, renting out office spaces and suites. The centrally built office is currently in habited by a variety of companies. The building was in much need of a refurbishment! So cladding Coatings were called in to assist. We painted the dull building to bring a bit of life back to the face.


In November we began refurbishing the Wynsors world of shoes site in Liverpool, We carried out our shop front spraying service, transforming the dull, worn white cladding into a stylish, modernised black, fitting with the branding. We also began refurbishing the Motor Point unit on Derby Road, Widnes. Again giving the current building a face lift with our shop front and on site spraying services.


And here we are in December, finishing the final jobs, preparing for 2015, still busy working hard. We have had a brilliant year working with new and old clients, and are now looking forward to another successful year in 2015.

Merry Christmas from Cladding Coatings!

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