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Cladding Coatings Invited to Visit Ireland

Cladding Coatings were excited to visit Ireland last week where we were able to complete a site survey for returning customer, in Killarney.

Our customer is a global provider of high-performance solutions for the water, distribution, construction and environmental industries. Therefore, they know the importance of a completely well-protected and high-performing building that keeps stock secure and operations timely.

Initially we were able to provide a free digital mock-up of the building from photos taken of the site. This enabled the client to see how the walls would look in the colour scheme before any commitment was made.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Attention to detail is key

Cladding Coatings

When we arrived on site for the survey, we were able to meet the customers and discuss their requirements in detail and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Our experienced surveyor made a full inspection of the external metal cladding and discovered that they will require some repair work conducting before installing the new coating.

We also took the opportunity to take accurate measurements of the three elevations to be refurbished; details like this are crucial to get right in the initial stages.

Whilst onsite, we quantified any additional painting requirements such as windows, personnel doors and fire doors. Having all the information at the outset ensures there are no surprises for the client or us as a contractor on the project.

It was also important to assess all the access requirements with our access providers while we were there in Ireland so that everything was planned and considered before arriving to site to commence work.

Happy and back for more

Our customer is a satisfied and returning customer, who has used the services of our team before; in July 2020 we were at their site in Gloucester carrying our refurbishment to two buildings.

On this site we began preparation with cladding cleaning, by applying a fungicidal wash. After this, we needed to remove two vents to one elevation and of course, it was then necessary to repair these two holes.

We installed our tried and tested Rust-Oleum Noxyde® commercial painting system to the cladding. Rust-Oleum Noxyde® is ideal for an onsite spraying application, and boasts impressive waterproofing and corrosion-resistant properties, making it perfect for a high-performance product manufacturer such as our customer.

The next step was to install 7500 AlkythaneⓇ (another paint system from Rust-Oleum) to the windows and doors.

Matched and on-brand

The previously red band on this facade needed painting to make sure it was on-brand in a particular shade of blue. Our customer benefitted from our colour-matching expertise here to ensure the brand colours for this area, and the external doors, were smart, professional and cohesive with their brand. It was also a huge advantage to install commercial painting systems like Rust-Oleum Noxyde®, as it is available in a wide variety of colour options to suit the client’s requirements.

It’s a great testament to our quality of work and high levels of customer service when a client asks us back to refurbish more of their properties.

Our skilled team and professional approach ensure that projects such as this go smoothly, without disruption and are left looking like a new building every time. All our work is backed by a minimum guarantee of 10 years so the long-term protection and peace of mind this provides to the client is a key factor.

The refurbishment project in Ireland has been recently highlighted as Michael Martin the Taoiseach (Irish head of Government) visited the same site this week due to a recent solar installation scheme.

We hope to be back on site soon in Killarney to start work at the site.

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