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Cladding painting you trust using systems you rely on

As approved installers of the industry’s leading cladding painting systems, you’re in safe hands with a Cladding Coatings cladding restoration project.

With multiple years of building refurbishment experience amongst our skilled team, we’re proud that we’ve made a name for ourselves as recognised, reliable and respected experts in the cladding painting industry. That’s based on decades of hard work and constant learning and development, which is why we’re delighted to be recognised by paint manufacturers in our industry who regularly choose Cladding Coatings as approved installers of their market-leading systems. Applied to your property with our expertise, these systems are designed to make your building look and perform like new again.

Which systems do we use?

It’s testament to our cladding painting team’s incredible knowledge and work ethic that we’ve been chosen as approved installers of a huge range of systems on the market. Let’s take a snapshot of some of them:

Noxyde Paint System

Noxyde®: you may recognise the name of this leading system by Rust-Oleum as it’s one of our tried and tested favourites. With rust-preventing, anti-corrosion and waterproofing properties proven to withstand some of the harshest climates, its single-component, elastomeric coating makes it ideal for our preferred method of cladding painting application: on site spraying.

Advantage Graphene: this 30-year system from Alltimes Coatings is one the latest additions to our cladding painting portfolio. Specifically designed to combat rust and corrosion on metal roof cladding, we’ve recently been involved in the system’s first-known application in the UK.

Temadur 20: applied either as a primer or a topcoat, this Tikkurila system is ideal for application in industrial and coastal environments thanks to its anti-corrosion pigmentation. It’s also available in an extensive variety of colours and finishes to suit client brands and tastes.

Girocote®: Giromax’s Girocote® is used on refurbishment and repair projects, designed to prevent the need for costly metal wall cladding replacement. It uses an anti-corrosive, high-opacity primer, is available in a variety of colours, and can be sprayed, rolled or painted to apply to your property.

How do we install the systems?

Each system, property and project is unique, and the way we install each one is entirely bespoke to you and your needs. Yet there’s always a commonality in our approach: professionalism, skill and knowledge that means our cladding painting team apply every paint system with outstanding results.

On site spraying of vertical wall cladding is one of our most commonly used application methods. Here, our team carefully prepare every inch of your metal cladding to make sure it’s ready for a smooth application. We then combine our systems, expertise and appropriate accessibility and safety measures to deliver complete coverage with minimal disruption to your day to day operations. Take a look at our cladding painting team at work in our on site spraying time lapse video here.

What are the benefits for your building?

JTF Hull Refurbishment

First impressions count, and customer and colleague safety is paramount. With a Cladding Coatings cladding painting project, you’ll get a professional finish that makes sure your building is secure and well-protected as well as smart and presentable.

As our cladding painting systems are some of the most reputable and high-performance on the market, you’re assured of corrosion protection, excellent waterproofing and anti-rust properties as well as a smooth, well-applied finish. Don’t forget: every single piece of work we do, including every system we use, is backed by a guarantee of ten years at an absolute minimum (and, in many cases, even longer).

Our cladding painting team apply industry leading paint systems to both commercial and industrial properties across the country, from warehouses, logistics centres and retail units to car showrooms, office buildings and education facilities. To find out more from our friendly, expert team, book your free site survey today.

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