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Cladding restoration- You’ll fall in love with these before and afters!

To celebrate our love for cladding refurbishments this valentine’s day, let’s take a look at some of our incredible before and after photos throughout the years.

Cladding Restoration – Premier Automotive, Dukinfield

This aged property needed our cladding refurbishment. As you can see from this before photo, the building looked tired and rundown, and the owners recognized that it needed an upgrade.

Before on site spraying - Premier Autos Dukinfield
Premier Autos Dukinfield After

This project mainly included our painting services such as on-site spraying which we are very experienced in and so we used safety systems to make sure the property is protected from corrosion and other metal damage. Our cladding painters did an excellent job of producing a professional and inviting finish to the building which is what our customer was looking for. As you can see the finish is incredible and it really brought the building back to life.

On-site Spraying – BL Flooring, Gloucester

This next project is a favourite of ours because the finish was amazing, but it also led to the customer wanting us to complete further projects for them.

Our on-site spraying, wall coating, and factory door painting services were required for this building. We applied a Noxyde® and Rust-Oleum metal cladding topcoat which includes colour retention properties to help the colour remain.

Thanks to our cladding painters we managed to produce an excellent finish for our customer to help them create the perfect impression for their first branch.

Here are the before and after photo’s

BL Flooring Before Coating
BL Flooring After Coating

Roof Cladding Refurbishment – Hales Sawmills, Shropshire

Now that we have shown you our external cladding restoration, we want to show an example of a roof cladding refurbishment we completed.

We love the outcome of this one because as you can see the roof is unrecognizable in the after photos.

Hales Sawmills Roof Before Coating
Hales Sawmills Roof Coating

At the start of the project, it was clear to see that the roof needed some attention as our customer stored lots of timber under the roof and it’s important for a business to have a safe place to be able to store their stock. One of our favourite things about this project is it included one of our drone surveys which we conduct to allow us and our customers to safely see any damage caused to the roof that we wouldn’t have been able to see before.

After the drone survey, we concluded that a roof coating was needed. A roof needs to be able to withstand many weather conditions to keep your building safe and so we used our 15-year Noxyde® paint system. This painting system includes rust prevention and anti-corrosion properties to make sure the roof is completed to its highest standards.

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