Colours of the Bird Rainbow

Meeting customer requirements is something we are extremely invested in, to do this we ensure we use the highest quality products and systems throughout our services. However, we understand the diversity of each customer, which is why we have such an extensive range of colour systems to choose from when it comes to painting your premises.

As you can expect, each of our clients are different, and each have their own requirements and desires on how they want their building to look. This could be due to their branding, surroundings or just personal choice. Our vast array of colours are able to match all these requirements to leave the customers highly satisfied.

We have completed many projects in a rainbow of different colours, many of these colour systems are named after birds! Our feathered friends can also be spotted in an array of colours and shades, just like our paint coating systems! Many of our recent projects match in colour of some well-known UK birds:


Goose Wing Grey –

A very popular colour used throughout many of projects. This grey system is a common choice for many of our clients, it leaves the building looking smart and neutral looking. Two projects in particular that this colour was used were the Milk Lab in Manchester and the Hertford office refurbishment.



Kingfisher Blue –

A Kingfisher is a small bird with bright blue feathers and an orange breast. It is well known for its vibrant blue colour, and easily stands out with the brightness of its wings. A similar bright blue colour system was chosen at Motorpoint to help this building stand out just like the Kingfisher does! Motorpoints new bright blue branding is almost identical to the colour of this little bird, this project was a unique project due to its vivid blue. This blue can also be seen on the window panels of the National Distribution Centre.


Yellow Hammer and Yellow Wagtail –

These two birds, although very small are easy to spot due to their bright yellow feathers! The electric yellow colour is bright, cheery and welcoming, which is exactly why it was used for our recent Subway Tunnel project. The idea of this refurbishment was to transform the dark, dingy underground tunnel to make it more inviting and help the users of the walkway to feel more comfortable, especially at night. Which was why the vibrant yellow system was used. Another project we completed in 2018 was Ashton Self Storage who’s branding colours match our Yellow Hammer and Yellow Wagtail almost exactly.


Robin –

The robin red breast is a very well-known bird, famous for its red chest. This fiery red colour was used in our Shaw Heath Park roof refurbishment back in 2017. The roof which had become victim of vandalism was recoated with this robin red colour, bringing a splash of colour to a small building, whilst also blending with the brickwork.


Kestrel –

Another popular colour system is a clean, crisp white. This is ideal for a neutral looking building, very popular with landlords who wish to attract new tenants. The large tail wings of the kestrel are the perfect colour match for this white paint system. This beautiful bird tail wings are often a crystal white shade, very similar to the colour which we use during our refurbishments. However, the body of a kestrel is often brown or beige. Although this colour is less common in our projects, you can see a very close match with our Eccles Cakes refurbishment and our Regalead cladding re-coating.


We are very proud to offer such a wide range of colours throughout our services and can also offer free colour matching samples to help you choose the correct colour for you. Contact us today to renovate and re-paint your façade.

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