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Commercial Painting by Experts

Cladding Coatings offers Commercial Painting as one of the many services available and during the winter months we have increased availability for this type of work. We currently have availability to quote for this service during this month ready to start next month.

Our commercial painting service is offered for property such as offices, commercial premises or industrial units. Whatever your building type, give us a call to see how we can help.

Why choose commercial painting

You may need a refresh of paint to brighten up your working space or it maybe part of your internal maintenance plan. Over time, surfaces build up with dust, grime, marks and scratches. Occasionally damage too. It’s these surfaces that need cleaning and re-painting to keep them looking fresh and to leave a good impression when customers and visitors come into your premises.

Internal Ceiling Liners

Walls, Ceilings or Floors

It doesn’t matter to us what surface you need painting; we can paint ceilings, walls or floors, we can also repaint the windows and doors to finish of the entire space. Your entrance door is often the first and last thing your customers and staff will see, and having them looking good and well coated will leave a positive lasting impression.

We can offer colour matching and even provide onsite samples to ensure that you get the right colour to suit your requirements and those that suit the environment. As we use the best coating systems available, you can be sure of the very best finish that lasts longer than other cheaper alternatives.
Let in the light

Did you know we can also clean and repair your roof lights. Industrial buildings and warehouses often have roof lights on their roof, to enable sunlight to get through and brighten the building up inside. However, dirt and residue often get built up on roof lights, blocking the sunlight.
We can carry out the cleaning and repair of roof lights, to remove the dirt and allow the sunlight to shine through once again, to help the look and feel of your internal building.

Hertford Unit Internal Flooring

Features of Floor Painting

Floors can sometime be overlooked but its important to keep these in good condition and re-painting can be much cheaper that resurfacing completely. We can apply new markings and pathways and improve the overall look of the floor.

High-quality floor coatings are essential in heavy-duty environments that have high footfall and industrial machinery. We provide floor coatings that feature a non-slip surface and come in a broad range of colours.

We offer a broad range of colours, use high-quality coating systems and provide a non-slip surface with a long-life expectancy.

Internal Wall Spraying

Minimal Disruption

Our teams are familiar with working around live sites, around working machinery and close to people and vehicles. We understand the importance of taking extreme care not to disrupt the environment we work in. Depending on the nature of the business and operations we can even work around your hours to fit in with your operations.

Experts you can trust

Our teams have plenty of experience and are fully trained to deliver the best quality finish on your property. Our work is guaranteed, and you can be sure of the durability and long-lasting coating it provides.

We take health and safety seriously and you can be sure we take great care in the environment we work within. Disruption is kept to a minimum and we are flexible to work around you.

Contact us for a free no obligation quotation and we can get you booked in to refresh your interior. Check out some of our testimonials from our satisfied customers here.

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