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Continuous Commitment to Health and Safety

The safety of our staff is important to us, which is why we take every precaution necessary to ensure we never endanger our team or put them to any risk of potential harm. This commitment is also extended to the clients we work for, their staff and the general public. Since incorporation, Cladding Coatings has taken every step required to ensure full health and safety requirements are not only met but exceeded.

One of the ways we do this is by carrying out regular training and development in various areas of health and safety. We are pleased to announce that Brian Tulloch, one of our specialist spray painters, and Shaun Fennell an experienced painter have successfully renewed their Emergency First Aid at work certificate. The Emergency First Aid at Work course was conducted by The First Aid Industry Body and the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations. Brian and Shaun renewed their training in early March, to ensure he remained fully qualified and aware of all up to date procedures in case of an emergency. The course taught them how to respond in the correct way to various incidents during emergency situations. Passing with flying colours Brian and Shaun are now certified for 3 years.

Brian Tulloch, Cladding Coatings

It is not just basic first aid that we take into consideration, we also like to make sure when we introduce new services or ways of working, we train our team how to perform these in the safest possible way too, in accordance to expert advice and ruling. In line with this commitment, Brian, Shaun and Jacob Eastwood our Assistant Contracts Manager, received training in how to use our newly introduced DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System.

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System is a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous uninterrupted access to all areas of a roof. The system can span up to 15m between anchors and provides continuous hands free access for users of the fall protection system. The system can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest and can be installed on a variety of roofing systems, all of which we work upon.

To fully understand how to correctly use the new system, and to ensure it is done in an entirely safe way, the team members had training with the system manufacturer 3M™. This training course gave Brian, Shaun and Jake a full overview of the system, how to use it, potential hazards and how to avoid them as well as tips for best practice.

Cladding Coatings will continue to be at the forefront of health and safety and go the extra mile to protect our staff and clients.

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