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Repair Services and Cut Edge Corrosion

What is cut edge corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion happens to the metal sheet overlaps and sheet ends usually on a profiled metal roof. This is occurs because manufactured roof sheets are cut to the required lengths to suit the buildings layout. Where the cuts are made is typically where the corrosion is most common and severe.

Parcelforce Aberdeen Sheet Corrosion DamageThe corrosion happens where the protective coating de-laminates and peels back away from the edge of the metal.  The common cause is the weather, and if cut edge corrosion is left untreated, it can eat into the metal cladding which will lead to weaknesses in the structure where water can enter the building.

Once this starts, the condition of the cladding will deteriorate rapidly which will affect the value of the building and increase maintenance and repair costs dramatically.

The peeling of the coatings on metal roofing is very common, and an inevitable fact if untreated.  Regular cleaning and roof maintenance will ensure any areas of concern of detected early and treated before the problem escalates.

Whether the corroded area is left untreated then overtime it is likely the only remedy will be to replace the roof sheets that are affected.  This type of repair work can be extremely costly and time consuming.

Cladding Coatings repair process

Cladding coatings expert team is able to repair and refurbish metal cladding sheeting using industry leading, Tor Elastaseal™. Following an initial site survey, which involves a thorough inspection of the areas to be treated, we attend a pre-start meeting. At this meeting we discuss the scope of works, programming of key dates and health and safety issues relevant to the site. Once the date is set, we are ready to commence.

Cladding Coatings Cut Edge Corrosion RepairOur work begins with cleaning the roof areas, this also removes any of the existing protective coatings that are loose or corroded. We will then grind away all the corroded metals to give a smooth and clean finish.

Tor Elastaseal™ is applied by brush, and is safe and easy to install, suitable for most roof types and is long lasting. Once the top coat is applied it can blend in with the surrounding roof area. A fibre reinforcement tape is used as part of the system giving extra strength.

Cladding Coatings is an approved Tors Partner, the scheme which is operated by Tor Coatings ensures Tor’s systems are installed correctly by trained, experienced and competent painting contractors.  Our specialist cut edge corrosion team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience with Tor Elastaseal, repairing and treating the damage caused by cut edge corrosion and subsequent weather damage.

All our projects include a free consultation, advice and survey and a ten year guarantee.

Read more about our cut edge corrosion service.

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