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Drone surveys: innovative approach to safety for you and your building

Cladding Coatings

Keeping physical distance is an important safety concern in current times. Yet that does not mean issues of building security are no longer relevant. In fact, it’s more vital than ever that the state of your property is assessed thoroughly. Whether you’re a building surveyor making sure you have ticked every box, a landlord looking to let a new property with confidence, or a facilities manager in charge of keeping stock and staff safe, checking your building is secure is imperative.

When safety, project plans and budgets, and risk reductions come into question, the answer is simple: a Cladding Coatings drone survey. Drone technology has significantly improved in recent years, with advantages that improve accessibility and accuracy so more clients, like you, can be offered the service and benefit from it.

What information can a drone survey provide?

Drone access means we can reach parts of your property that are otherwise tricky to see. A great example of this is your roof. Roof coating projects can be a challenge as the level of cladding coating damage and external building repair required is not always easy to assess. Yet with a drone survey, every inch of your building’s roof can be seen, so you know what roof coating, onsite spraying or commercial painting work is needed, and to what urgency the work must be done.

What’s more, the drone records video footage, which we can play back. One huge advantage here is that the footage can be shared and accessed throughout your team for a great collective understanding of the process and your building’s condition.

The video footage also allows us to review every detail so we can deliver the most accurate quotes, keeping your project budgets on track and estimators happy! And, using drones helps us to access your site at any time, even mid project. There’s no need to pause work to complete surveys or hire expensive MEWPS, cranes or scaffolding – meaning your projects run to time, every time.

How can drone surveys support safety needs?

Social distancing is crucial, and drones allow us to get a full view of your property without standing close to your façade. Yet drone surveys also allow our Cladding Coatings team to stay safe if there are high-risks on site, such as if you’ve newly-acquired a building in need of extensive repair or are concerned about hazardous materials at your site. There’s no need for anyone – you or us – to access potential unsafe surfaces, so using the drone allows us to gather essential information with minimal risk.

Our MD, Michael Hallwood, operates our drones having passed his PFCO written and drone flight exam. This gives you ultimate peace of mind in the latest training, capabilities and knowledge.

When you need a roof coating or commercial painting assessment from a safe distance that still covers every angle, a drone survey is the answer. Find out more about our drone surveys, and contact Cladding Coatings for a no-obligation chat about how we can support your external building refurbishment project today.

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