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Drone surveys – The full picture

drone survey in progress

Do you maintain a building but have trouble accessing all external areas? Perhaps you are located on a busy road or there is dense foliage obstructing the view. Maybe you have neighbouring buildings or land that obstructs your entry to the whole perimeter and it is a headache to gain access? At Cladding Coatings we offer a drone survey service that could solve these problems.

Drones may have received some bad press in recent times however our drone is operated by MD Mike Hallwood, who has passed his PFCO written and flight exam for drones therefore everything is above board. Drone surveys allow us to get the full picture of your entire building, assessing every area for thorough, fair and accurate quotes every time. They also remove the need for ladders, scaffolding, cherry pickers or any other access equipment that can be costly and increase onsite risk. Also meaning the initial visit to project commencement time is reduced.

Detailed access
Drones give us the opportunity to view typically difficult to access areas of your property, such as your roof. Rather than making an overall assessment, we’re able to view the areas in detail. This ensures we identify every point where refurbishment is needed, capturing problems before costly replacement becomes your only option.

Safe surveys
An on-site survey should be carried out swiftly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your operations. Not only can a drone survey be completed from a distance, it is non-intrusive and done without cumbersome equipment.

A view from above
If your property has suffered from leaks the problem could lie in locating exactly where the gap is. From the interior of a building this is not always clear due to run offs, drainage and corrugated panels creating water channels in varying directions. A drone survey allows us to view troubled areas in detail to establish the exact location and extent of repairs required.

Cladding Coatings

Accurate quotes
Our drones record footage of your property, which we’re able to review in detail as many times as needed. This ensures we’re picking up every single element where repair work is needed, so you’re getting a right-first-time quote with no hidden surprises. We will even happily share the images and video footage to support our assessment, so you can trust we’re transparent and fair.

Ongoing assessment
Our team can reassess the videos we’ve recorded at any time during the repair or refurbishment project. This allows us to see that we’re completing everything exactly as set out and to our optimal standards. The footage also means that when we return to your site on project completion we can provide you with before and after assessments with photos and videos for comparison.

Technology or tradition
At Cladding Coatings a core strategy is keeping up with ever changing trends whether that be through the coating processes or new technology and equipment available to help you achieve the best results. A drone survey however is not compulsory and if you prefer traditional methods we are happy to discuss this.

Still not sure? Watch this short video to see how it works here.

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