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Empty building? How to make sure your property sells

Industrial Unit Blyth

Prepare your unoccupied property for a successful sale with the help of Cladding Coatings’ external building maintenance expertise.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a building owner than a property that simply just won’t sell. It’s costing you money in mortgage payments or ground rent, and it’s not bringing in any income. And, you may even be spending money on the property’s upkeep, which no occupant can benefit from. It’s expensive, and it’s a hassle.

At Cladding Coatings, we work with our clients to prepare properties to go on the market. We’ll help you make your building look like new again, attracting buyers or tenants quickly with a safe, secure and smart façade finish. But how do we do that, and what do you need to look out?

site survey

Site surveys: spotting every single section

In the current climate, even more buildings are sitting unoccupied, waiting for a new buyer or tenant. That means that, chances are, your empty building will have been left alone for longer than usual, and not as regularly maintained.

If that’s the case, we first need to begin with a site survey. You can choose either a free-of-charge onsite survey, or a priced drone survey, which will record footage of even the hardest to see areas of your property for your assessment. Whatever you decide, the survey completed by our expert team will show you exactly which project problems need fixing, and how.

Commercial painting: the perfect finish

Whatever type of property you own, it’s natural that the façade will experience some wear and tear. But it’s the failure to keep on top of this that makes your building look unappealing, and therefore remain unoccupied. Buyers are unlikely to be attracted to peeling, faded paintwork that looks uncared for and gives them a lot of work to do.

From onsite spraying and shopfront spraying to roof coating and factory door painting, our team will complete a commercial painting job using only the finest industry-approved systems. This will both repair any paint damage and make your building look appealing and presentable to attract the buyers you need when placed on the market.

internal warehouse refurbishment

Interior decoration: the final flourish

Naturally, it is the exterior of your building that will attract the instant attention, so it needs to be taken care of first and foremost. Yet if the interior is neglected and damaged, you’ll struggle to sell your property even if you’ve attracted a potential buyer drawn to the presentable façade. So it’s important to consider the inside too.

At Cladding Coatings, we never leave a project incomplete. So we’ve helped clients with the final flourish of interior decoration after we’ve prepared the exterior of the property for sale. Internal decoration work includes floor painting and internal wall painting to make sure that the prospective buyer is impressed inside and out.

If you’re struggling to shift that pesky property from the market, talk to our expert team. We’ll share how we’ve helped clients, like you, attract the buyers you need, finding new owners for your property and saving you further time, hassle and expense.

For an example of how we help prepare a property for sale, take a look at our work at Tattersall Way, Chelmsford. Then, for your free initial conversation, chat to Cladding Coatings today.

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