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Euro 2024 inspires company teamwork

With the Euros in full swing it is clear to see the countries winning the most matches are those that play well as a team. Whoever comes through as the eventual winners will be sure to have a strong team spirit and the ethics to help and support each other from start to finish. At Cladding Coatings we have always found that working together as a team enables us to provide a high quality of service.

Cladding Coatings

If you are looking for a company to work on your building whether it be roof repairs, cladding repainting or general maintenance it will give you peace of mind to bring in a trustworthy team like Cladding Coatings. We guarantee to work as a team tackling all problems together with the shared goal of workmanship to be proud of and completed jobs that impress the customer.

When we worked on Synertec, Bristol there were various aspects to the job that required expertise from different team members.

Drone Survey

To begin with, a drone survey helped us to quickly identify areas of concern on the roof and guttering without the need for access and safety equipment. This meant that our team was able to put together a thorough report and provide a fast quotation for them.

Roof cut edge corrosion treatment and re-coating.

The initial inspection on this project confirmed that that roof cladding was showing signs of deterioration and required cut edge corrosion treatment and re-coating.
For the roof coating, our team installed one of our newest systems from our Alltimes Coatings paint portfolio: Advantage Graphene. This paint system is part of the Advantage portfolio, known and trusted for its results on metal roof cladding and its reliability.

Advantage Graphene was developed specifically to target corrosion and rust on metal roofs. As Graphene, which is stronger than steel, forms an almost completely impenetrable barrier, it is almost impossible for water and debris of even the smallest fragment to bypass the graphene. The result is a lightweight, UV resistant coating for ultimate building protection.

The Advantage Graphene system is backed by a 30–year guarantee, which gives you complete assurance in the longevity of your roof refurbishment.

Cladding Coatings

Roof light replacement

The rooflights were in need of replacing on this roof. Whilst refurbishment and repair are preferential, we knew replacing the rooflights was vital for safety, cleanliness, and clarity so on this project all the rooflights were replaced.

Gutter refurbishment

The guttering at the unit was blocked by debris, which was preventing the water from draining effectively from the roof and risking a backlog of water damage and accompanying roof cladding problems.

There was also evidence of corrosion that if left could worsen over time. To solve this, we re-lined the guttering using the WeatherFOLD system which comes with a 25-year guarantee. Once debris had been cleared and the WeatherFOLD system had been installed the water could once again flow smoothly and away from the roof.

Cladding Coatings

Preparation for solar panels quotation

Whilst on site we were able to quote for solar panels, taking some details from Synertec of their current energy usage we were able to offer a system to include over 500 x 380w panels, invertors, power optimisers and management system.

Our teamwork at Synertec was extensive which resulted in a high quality, clean, polished, and professional façade finish for Synertec’s large industrial unit that matched their long-standing reputation, with a final appearance that both our team and our client could be proud of.
View full case study here Synertec, Bristol

Whatever treatment you require on your facility Cladding Coatings work together to fulfil the desired outcome. Drawing on the professional skills of each employee on the project. Team up with us and you’ll gain the expertise of a workforce who’ve worked with large, corporate companies nationwide. Yet you’ll also receive that personal customer service that our clients have come to know and trust. We have a team of expert operatives and dedicated office staff at the end of the phone to give advice, answer queries, or support your needs.

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